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What’s new in Aperture 1.5


What’s new in Aperture 1.5
What’s new in Aperture 1.5

A new image cataloguing system that improves the storage of RAW, JPEG and TIFF formats, allowing photos to be saved anywhere ( and not just in the Aperture library ), including external hard drives, CDs and DVDs. Also added is integration with iLife’06 and iWork’06 , support for XMP metadata, new tuning tools and an API ( Application Programming Interface ), which allows to extend Aperture’s workflow to third-party programs or services.

You can generate high-resolution previews , and allow the originals to be left on your Mac at home or in your studio while you take copies with you on your laptop to work with, in a more compact and risk-free way . Changes to the previews will then be applied to the original.
The price of all this? About $299… if you don’t have Aperture 1.0. If you have already purchased it, the upgrade via ” Software Update ” is completely free .

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