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What’s New for Apple TV and Apple Watch at WWDC 2015

Less than a month after the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple has a barrage of new features for Watch OS, the operating system for Cupertino’s wearable . Apple didn’t want to load its watch with news from the zero minute, to have time to improve it calmly. So this WWDC 2015 will see the first Watch OS update focusing on improved security, connectivity with other Apple devices, health and fitness , improved Wi-Fi and integration with third-party applications.

Apple has also created the Find my Watch functionality, similar to Find my Phone or Find my Mac. This allows us to locate, block or delete our watch if it is lost or stolen. Although the company was planning to have it ready before the launch of the Apple Watch, the fact that the watch is dependent on an iPhone, makes it much more complex to implement this functionality . When it is presented to us we will see how they have actually managed to make it work.

What’s New for Apple TV and Apple Watch at WWDC 2015
What’s New for Apple TV and Apple Watch at WWDC 2015

Depending on a source, the clock will use its Wi-Fi signal to establish a relative connection with the iPhone , and will optionally be able to notify the user if the iPhone has been left behind. Another new feature could be related to the heart rate monitor, since we’ll be able to set a warning so that the watch notifies us if our heart rate becomes irregular or presents problems.

We could also see an integration of the apps in the faces of the clock. For example, Apple would allow developers to integrate in a similar way to the iOS notification center with widgets . So we could have a permanent icon for Twitter, Facebook or email notifications .

But for Apple TV there will also be new features, including integration with the Apple Watch . They want the smartwatch to be the main input device for the next generation of Apple TV, as well as a more powerful remote control. Siri will also make an appearance and allow us to complete the user experience in the media center .

The apps would also arrive on Apple TV. In fact, rumors say that there is a version of Xcode running that comes with TVKit, so that some chosen developers can work on the first applications for Apple TV, which we will surely see in the form of a demo at the opening presentation of WWDC 2015 .

Those who have already been able to test this new Apple TV say that it will be bigger than the current one, but much thinner . Although I honestly think that the current shape, which is small and relatively contained, is much more accurate. This new device will have the internal name J34 and the operating system is also known internally as MonarchTide.

What we do know for sure is that at the WWDC we will meet iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, which will surely arrive officially in September. iOS 8.4 will be launched imminently with the new Apple Music which will surely also be presented to us. There are only a few weeks left, before we will know the epicenter of the change . Whenever Mark Gurman opens his mouth he is usually right, he has very reliable sources, so you have to believe him.

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