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What’s new about AirPods 2?

The novelty of a wireless charging case for the AirPods in the last keynote made us talk at that time about second generation AirPods, although we later verified that the only thing that changed was that wireless charging case which also has to be bought (for the moment) separately.

However, seeing that Apple headsets are succeeding all over the world, perhaps it’s time to think about how Apple could improve them with more advanced second generation models . There’s always room for improvement, so it’s not hard to predict.

More battery and more audio quality, the main thing

What’s new about AirPods 2?
What’s new about AirPods 2?

First of all, it should be clear that one of the best assets of the AirPods is their shape and appearance . In the same way that the white iPod headphones became an excellent marketing campaign for Apple, it is now the AirPods that are easily identifiable on the street. So no, I don’t think there’s going to be a change in appearance unless a new key feature forces it.

That said, Apple must be working hard to be able to add more battery in the AirPods themselves and in the charging case. Right now the headphones offer 5 hours of continuous audio playback, a very good duration but one that can be improved. The same goes for the case and its charges for 24 hours of playback, although here perhaps Apple could choose to keep those 24 hours and make the case smaller.

Audio quality is another aspect that has already improved a lot from EarPods to AirPods, but can also benefit from a margin of improvement. Apple could even learn from the work on the HomePod and miniaturize it the same way it miniaturized the technology of the XBOX Kinect on cameras using Face ID.

And from here, what?

Where there can be interesting improvements is in what we least think about. Apple could add additional sensors to the AirPods, which would improve the current features and add new ones. Which ones? Everyone who puts their imagination into it. More touch controls for Siri or music playback, more commands for the assistant, a better microphone to be able to make calls with more quality… for the time being, it is certain that they will have the W2 chip to better connect to our devices.

Could we perhaps think of a active noise cancellation ? This requires constantly putting a microphone to work, and even changing the shape of the headset so that it covers the ear better. The battery life would suffer, so it depends on what you get in the performance labs. At the very least, even if it’s a shape change, Apple has certainly thought about ways to better isolate the user from ambient noise.

The key for Apple, which must already have a lot of evidence behind it, is to make the use of AirPods even more transparent . It’s little things like the fact that playback is paused when you take off a headset that make the user experience stand out from the competition.

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We don’t know when Apple may be scheduled to renew its AirPods, but so far there are no rumors about it and the wireless charging case has caught us all by surprise. So for now, all we can do is think about those improvements and wait.

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