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what would the apple company gain from this acquisition?

Apple’s music streaming service keeps looking for ways to get more users to stay ahead of the competition. The latest news is that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company on the block would be in talks with Tidal’s managers, including Jay-Z , to acquire their service and integrate it into Apple Music. What implications would this acquisition have?

If we think about it, this rumour may make all the sense in the world. First of all, recently Larry Jackson, responsible for the original content at Apple Music, said that Apple Music wants to start getting exclusives with the artists to keep competing with its strongest rival, Spotify. This may sound very familiar to us at Tidal, who have always highlighted the issue of exclusive content as one of their main flagships.

what would the apple company gain from this acquisition?
what would the apple company gain from this acquisition?

It’s no secret that artists of Drake’s stature have believed in Apple Music and have accepted its support to create content. With the above we can say that many are beginning to see the service of the apple company as a tool that helps them do things they otherwise could not .

The relationship that Apple Music is starting to establish with the artists could be further exploited with the acquisition of Tidal , because as defined by its creators, this platform “is a streaming service of music created by artists for artists” .

But in addition to exclusive content, Tidal also offers original series within its catalogue, as recently launched “Money & Violence” and “No Small Talk”, as well as interactive video experiences from artists such as Usher. This would be in line with Apple’s plans, since a few months ago it indicated that it is working on a series that will star one of its executives, the co-founder of Beats, Dr. Dre, and will be distributed through Apple Music.

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