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What will Apple surprise us with in 2014?

After 2013, which we took stock of in Applesupportphonenumber, and entering 2014, we must ask ourselves what new features Apple will present throughout this year, so here are our impressions of where the shots can go in this 2014 in which, according to Tim Cook, we will see many new features.


In 2014 we will see a major revamp of the iPhone . This year we’re going to see a generational leap, so we’ll have an iPhone with a renewed design and improvements in all its sections, from the processor to the camera and even its screen.

What will Apple surprise us with in 2014?
What will Apple surprise us with in 2014?

I think that Apple will continue to bet on launching two iPhone models , although this time I think it will bet on each model having a different size. There could be a change of name, like the one we saw on the iPad, leaving aside the number, because if you finally increase the screen size, which I personally think will happen, this increase could be used to launch an iPhone Air and an iPhone Pro.

Rumors like the curved screen don’t seem to be true, especially on an iPhone, but we’ll probably see curved screens on iWatch if it’s released this year.

In 2014 iOS 8 will also arrive, in which we will see an evolution of the design offered in iOS 7 , bringing the interface together even more and adding new functionalities. I don’t think it will be as significant a change as iOS 7 at first glance, although I hope that at the level of features and possibilities Apple will take a new step and improve iOS even more.

Improvements in Maps, Notes and Reminders according to company acquisitions made during the past year or the distribution of the Siri API could be some of its strengths.


Apple had a goal last year when it introduced the new iPad and we saw the name change last year with the appearance of the iPad Air, and that goal is to prepare the range, in the purest style of the notebook range, for the arrival of a new member, the iPad Pro .

In the medium and long term I believe that all the ranges of Apple devices will revolve around this idea . Patents like the ones we saw last year where a keyboard was integrated into the Smart Cover, and numerous rumours and leaks make us think of the appearance of an iPad Pro with a screen size similar to the Macbook Air of 11,6″ and which would enhance its professional use.

With regard to the iPad mini and the iPad Air, I think that we will not see a new model in terms of design , but there will be a deep internal renovation with new features such as the inclusion of the Touch ID sensor or the new A8 processor


In 2013, we saw the Mac Pro being revamped after a lifecycle of almost 10 years, and all the models in the range, with the exception of the Mac mini, receiving internal updates.

The refresh cycles in the Mac range are greater than other ranges such as the iPhone or iPad, so I don’t think this year, except to our surprise with the Mac mini which has not been updated for some time, we’re going to see any new models, in terms of design, but we will see internal component updates across the range as usual.

As for OS X this year we could see a big jump with OS X 10.10, with a redesign of the interface, bringing it closer to iOS 7 , aspect that would be the most outstanding but that will surely be accompanied by many improvements. What we will probably see is a new Thunderbolt Display, with 4K resolution, designed for the Mac Pro.

New products?

Will this be the year of the iWatch, or perhaps the iTV? Personally I think that this year will be the year of the iWatch, but I think that, given the news and signings made by Apple during last year, we will see an iWatch closer in conception to the quantifier bracelets, like the Nike Fuelband or the Fitbit Force, than to a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

This does not mean that one of the best functions of smartwaches, that of allowing you to receive notifications from your mobile phone, is not implemented. Along with the integration with the M7 coprocessor, I think that will be precisely one of its strengths, Apple has quite a lot of experience creating ecosystems and I don’t think it will be less this time. Anyway, we will see how Apple solves this new product finally and what it has in mind for it .

What about the iTV? There are several factors that are delaying the arrival of iTV and that make us think that 2014 will not be its year . Firstly, the difficulty Apple is having in reaching agreements with distributors and TV channels is one of the main obstacles, as I think Apple did not expect to encounter so many problems in the negotiations.

These agreements to add additional content and an App Store will be two of its strengths, and without them, an iTV would not make any sense at all . Another aspect to highlight is that, most likely, you want to launch the iTV with a 4K resolution panel, and today, they are still too expensive to bring a product to market with a medium content price.

Finally, acquisitions of companies like PrimeSense that Apple made last year make us think about a possible implementation of gesture control technology in its iTV , technology that would take some time to develop. Let’s remember that normally when Apple acquires a company it takes between a year and a year and a half to see that purchase reflected in some product.

We will see a renewal of the Apple TV , increasing its features and perhaps adopting new functionalities, especially considering that the Apple TV is for Apple a test laboratory where to experiment on the iTV.

This is a small summary of what Apple could bring us throughout this 2014. Obviously, it’s just an opinion, and from Applesupportphonenumber we want to know what you think Apple will bring us this year .

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