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What will Apple be presenting at WWDC 2017?

Everybody get ready, because the WWDC is near ! The World Developer Conference will take place next week, and its most important event will be the presentation next Monday 5 . But what will be presented? What surprises will Apple have in store for us?

What will or will not be presented at this WWDC 2017 (99.99%)

Although the uncertainty about the conference is very high, there are several things that are taken for granted . And it’s not for nothing, but because they are simply the stars of the event, and without them it wouldn’t make any sense. I’m talking about Apple’s operating systems.

iOS 11

What will Apple be presenting at WWDC 2017?
What will Apple be presenting at WWDC 2017?

At a developer’s conference the software has always been the big star, and of all the Apple software the one that gets the most fans is iOS. Because iOS 11 is about to fall. We don’t know its specifications yet, but no doubt Apple will bring us something great and worthwhile.

Maybe the multi-user on the iPad? Or multi-tasking on the iPhone? Although the dark mode would also be nice, wouldn’t it? The truth is that it’s impossible to know exactly what we’ll be presented with, but it’s part of the magic …

The new iOS 11 is about to fall …

macOS 10.13

Yes … thirteen , the number of bad luck … Let’s hope it’s not something bad and that they don’t bring us a lousy version of macOS. And no, I don’t think they will jump from macOS 10.12 to macOS 10.15 (13 is for west, and 14 would be for east).

And what new features will this new update bring us? Well, the truth is that if you don’t know anything about iOS 11, even less about macOS.

There’s just a little bit left to see the new macOS 10.13.

watchOS and tvOS

As usual, along with iOS and macOS, new versions of watchOS, the operating system of the Apple Watch , and tvOS, the operating system of the Apple TV will be released.

What they are likely to have (75%)

In this category I want to put a device that I have a lot of faith in to be presented at this WWDC 2017. I’m talking about the Siri Speaker.

Siri Speaker

Siri Speaker would be a device similar to the Amazon Echo or Google Home which we have already talked about repeatedly . Still, no official release date is known.

While many people think that we won’t see it in this presentation, or that we’ll only see it in passing as sneak peek (a quick view). I still think we’ll get a full presentation of this device at this conference. Why? Simply because it is a completely new device , and this is a conference specially designed for developers . That’s why I think it would be a great idea to present it now so that can take advantage of the workshops and talks in the conference to teach attendees how it works and how to program using the Siri API . Which will probably also be improved with new features and more freedom for creators.

Google Home and Amazon Echo, the competition of the future Siri Speaker. Will Apple make a difference?

What we might see (50%)

We start to descend into the terrain of speculation …

The modular Mac Pro

This conference is attended by hundreds of professionals from the sector. Professionals who require a lot of power on their computers to create content to enjoy.

That’s why it doesn’t sound crazy to me that in this WWDC 2017 we’ll see at least one sneak peek of the much talked about modular Mac Pro, of which we already talked about so many times .

The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer, but a new modular model is expected, reminiscent of the Mac Pro of yesteryear.

New iMac

While I don’t think we’ll see any new iMacs at the 5th presentation, all indications are that Apple would quietly update them . What do I mean? I mean I think Apple would close their online store after the presentation to update the internal components of the iMac. That is, upgrades that do not require a presentation, such as switching to Intel’s Kaby Lake processors or increasing the quality and quantity of RAM.

Still, I don’t rule out the probability that it will be renewed with major changes, such as a design change.

Apparently not, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new iMac …

New MacBook and MacBook Pro

But didn’t we already see a MacBook Pro this year? Yes, but the current MacBook and MacBook Pro models feature processors from the previous generation. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Cupertino’s guys upgraded their iMac, they’d do the same for their laptops. Besides, there is one thing that was quite criticized with the MacBook Pro , and that was the absence of a 32GB RAM model , so I could fix it like that without anyone noticing …

Will you see any changes to the MacBook and MacBook Pro at this global developer conference? Doubt is in the air …

What we may or may not see (25%)

Now we’ll look at two products that we may see, although they don’t have all the ballots.

Mac Mini upgrade

The Mac Mini is the most affordable Apple computer , but unfortunately we don’t see an update since the year 2014 .

Are they trying to “kill” this model? Who knows … It is clear that having this model for sale on the one hand benefits the Big Apple company, but on the other hand it hurts it. Even so, let’s hope that this model will receive further updates, because today it is the most forgotten Apple computer.

Mac Mini, the great forgotten of Apple’s computers.

MacBook Air update

Although this is not the case with MacBook Air , as these have not been out of date for that long, the situation is very similar. With the launch of the new MacBook “just like that”, the future of this device remained a mystery.

The main reason for this device was to be the company’s lightest and most portable model . This was achieved with a long battery life, a very light weight and reduced dimensions. But now the MacBook beats it in all those things, so the Air is now simply a model low-cost . That is, people would now buy it for being the cheapest brand laptop, and not for being the lightest.

Where is MacBook Air with the new MacBook?

What I don’t think we’ll see (1%)

To finish with this article I want to clarify the things that from my point of view I think we will not see.

First of all it is a new iPhone . While the WWDC is the company’s most important event, the presentation of the iPhone is the second most important. And that’s why I don’t think we’ll see any new iPhones at WWDC, because I think they deserve a separate event.

Something similar happens with the iPad and with the so forgotten iPod , that I don’t think will be presented in this world conference of developers because I see more probable that we will see them in a joint presentation with the mobiles of the company.

Will we see new iPhones, iPads or iPods at WWDC?


What you have just read is my humble opinion , and obviously it should not be taken at face value. I still think I’ll get something right…

What do you think? What do you think Apple will present to us? What is the launch you are most looking forward to?