What we’ll probably see at WWDC 2013 and what we won’t see until later

Las sesiones de la WWDC 2013 se podrán seguir desde casa

The news we were all waiting for has already been confirmed: we will have a WWDC event in San Francisco in less than two months with a more than likely keynote on Monday, June 10th at 7pm. If we have no surprises before then we will have gone 230 days without any company events, the longest uneventful “gap” in the history of the company surpassing the record of 132 days between the MacBook Air and iPad 2 launch.

What we’ll probably see at WWDC 2013 and what we won’t see until later
What we’ll probably see at WWDC 2013 and what we won’t see until later

And even if this record is reached, Tim Cook already suggested at the financial results press conference that we should not expect any new developments until autumn . That leaves us with a WWDC in which we will probably have presentations of some new stuff, but will be just that: presentation . No new releases. But at least we will satisfy our curiosity with what will probably be the presentations of the first products with the new Apple directive in front of them.

With this in mind, we don’t even need to look at the rumorology to assume that we will see the first official images of iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 . Apple has already said on its event page that the sessions will focus on “the future” of both operating systems, so both of the company’s platforms would benefit.

Something that I do not rule out either, although it would be more of a release, would be some minor computer update . A small improvement in the specifications of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, some refinement in Mac mini, perhaps those new Airport Express compatible with the draft AC standard for wireless networks… are things that can even arrive without presentation, appearing silently on the Apple website as has happened before.

Of course, those minor upgrades don’t include the so-called new Mac Pro or next-generation laptops like the rumored MacBook Air with a retinal display. So we’ll have to wait longer for that, just as we’ll have to wait for a new iPhone or iPad.

However, we will most likely see the preliminary, developer-oriented versions of Apple’s upcoming operating systems. After that, it will also be time to see the arrival of new versions of iLife, iWork, and iCloud applications. We’ll know for sure when keynote day arrives.

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