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What we expect from WWDC 2015

Next Monday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, the inaugural keynote of the Apple World Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco, the long-awaited WWDC 2015 in which the company will unveil many of the new features for this year. The secrecy is absolute but the leaks, orchestrated or not, allow us to anticipate the general script of the event: iOS 9, OS X 10.11, Watch OS 2 and Apple Music .

If you prefer to keep the surprise until the end, it’s best to stop reading right now, but if you can’t hold out any longer and want to know everything we know so far, you’re in the right place.

iOS 9

What we expect from WWDC 2015
What we expect from WWDC 2015

If Google uses dessert names to identify each version of Android, Apple uses ski resorts to refer internally to those on iOS. Monarch is the code name for the next version of the apple’s mobile operating system, and it will no doubt be the highlight of the conference as well.

iOS 9 is expected to focus on improving system performance and stability while performing a series of under-the-bonnet optimizations to reduce app size and improve support for older devices. But there will also be new developments for those looking for a little more fireworks:

  • The user interface will be very similar to iOS 8 but we will find some changes inherited directly from the Apple Watch starting with the new San Francisco font and the Siri color waves. The icons of some apps will also be slightly revised and the keyboard will receive modifications to make it more comfortable and intuitive (damn capital key, your days are numbered).
  • Spotlight will take a step in the direction of Google Now with a feature called “Proactive” that will add information cards under the current search bar that may be useful to the user depending on the context. So, if we have a plane ticket or ticket and we’re in the right place on the day in question, we’ll find it right there. If we have an appointment in our calendar, Proclive will show a map with the destination and the approximate time of arrival. And if we usually use an app or perform a particular action (such as opening Twitter or calling our girlfriend) at a certain time, we’ll also have shortcuts to them.
  • Possibility of using two apps by splitting the screen on the iPad to, for example, surf with Safari while watching a video on Youtube or taking notes in Pages. You can even open two tabs at the same time.
  • Another new feature targeting the iPad will be user accounts so that multiple people can share a single device without mixing up their data and preferences. The latest rumours are that it will not be ready in time and could be delayed to coincide with the launch of the iPad Pro at the end of the year or beginning of next year.
  • Maps will receive its biggest boost from iOS 7 with the addition of public transport routes, although initially it will only be available in capitals such as New York, London, Berlin or Paris among others. Apple is also working on a new augmented reality mode and has been driving around the US roads for some time with a mysterious fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras and LiDAR sensors to obtain a three-dimensional image of the street environment, although it is not known if they will be ready for Monday’s presentation.
  • Messages will allow us to adjust the reading notification options at the user level, so that we can always let our family members know whether we have read a message or not, while leaving our boss or that annoying client in the dark. Groups will also now indicate who has read what and who has not.
  • Support for Force Touch, a feature that will not be announced at this time as it is linked to new hardware, but is expected to be included in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus after the summer.
  • Important security improvements such as Rootless, which will prevent access to certain protected files even if you have administrator permissions as a preventive measure against malware (and probably also against the jailbreak community). It is also expected that Notes, Reminders, and Calendar will move to using iCloud Drive instead of the current IMAP-based system, which will not only protect information by encrypting it from point to point, but also increase the speed of synchronization.
  • A new app called Home could be added to our home screen to allow us to add HomeKit compatible home accessories to defined rooms and zones to allow more advanced control through Siri. Personally I am not very convinced by this particular leak and the first available accessories make me hesitate even more.
  • Apple Pay will expand outside the US to more countries, presumably Canada, China and the UK to start with, although we hope the rest of Europe won’t be too long in coming.

OS X 10.11

The Mac operating system won’t be left behind either, and like iOS 9, OS X 10.11 will also focus on improving performance, security and usability . The code name of this version is Gala, in honour of the apple variety, although its commercial name will follow the recent tradition of betting on emblematic places in California.

San Francisco will also become the official typeface of the system, and features such as Rootless or the change of the back-end of Notes, Reminders and Calendar to iCloud Drive will follow the same pattern as in iOS 9.

But if there’s one new feature that will be very visible to users this is the arrival of the Control Center to OS X, a new panel accessible from the left of the screen and containing quick network, brightness and volume adjustments, play controls, Do Not Disturb… Both this panel and the Notification Center panel on the right will become more translucent in the iOS lineup and will match the aesthetic changes already introduced at Yosemite last year.

Watch OS

Todo sobre la WWDC 2015

Maybe it’s a little early to start talking about a second major version of the Apple Watch operating system but we have confirmation that curves are approaching with the release next week of the SDK with which developers will be able to create their own native apps for the watch and not just iOS app displays as before. This SDK will allow them to directly access the sensors of the Apple Watch, the Digital Crown and its processor.

As for the next clock updates, which we remind you will be released in our country on June 26th, it is said that Apple is working so that developers can create their own Complications for the clock faces, make it more independent of the iPhone, improvements in the heart rate sensor and functions such as an alert that warns us when we have left our mobile and moved away from it.

Apple Music

The acquisition of Beats Music in May last year will finally bear fruit in the form of a new music streaming service that will revitalize iTunes Radio. Apple Music will be integrated into iOS 8.4, an update arriving later this month, and will also make its way to the Mac and PC with iTunes 12.2 for OS X and Windows.

The new Music app in iOS 8.4 (also available in iOS 9 without major new features) will have three tabs, My Music, Playlists, and Radio. The first two will be populated with our music, whether it’s stored directly on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or in the cloud via the new streaming service. The search engine will allow us to locate any song, whether we have it or not, and download it for offline playback; and a new selector will make it easier to organize the songs by artists, albums, genres, etc.

The app has been redesigned to be much more visually appealing and has some features borrowed from iTunes such as the Mini Player to control what we listen to no matter where we are and Then, with the list of songs to play and in what order. But there are also new ones like artist cards with a social component that will try to do well everything that Ping did wrong.

The new iTunes Radio will feature stations with content selected by DJs and other music personalities such as Dr. Dre, Drake, Pharrell Williams, David Guetta, and Q-Tip. Kanye West and Beyonce may also join the party, although they are not confirmed at this time.

We hope that you will join us this Monday for the follow-up we will be doing live during the opening presentation of the Apple Global Developer Conference and the analyses we will be publishing, expanding on all the information available immediately afterwards.

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