what we are seeing and what awaits us

What you can see in this image is one of the queues that have already formed in front of all the Apple stores in the United States , where the iPad 2 will start to go on sale in a few hours. People are eagerly waiting to purchase the first units of the new Apple tablet, to the point where a woman has sold the first place in line at the New York store for $900.

The data we have at the moment is encouraging for Apple: some queues exceed 200 people, and not everyone buys their first iPad: 20% of those who get the iPad 2 already own the original tablet . As for the option to buy from the Apple Store website, in just a few hours the company has been forced to delay the delivery of the available units for up to 2 or 3 weeks due to the explosion of reservations. If you live in the United States and want to get an iPad 2 today, the best thing is to try your luck in the physical stores.

what we are seeing and what awaits us
what we are seeing and what awaits us

Apple will even open a temporary store near the SXSW event in Texas , where it will focus its efforts to sell the iPad 2 to all the attendees of the fair who want it. This is very unusual, since the company has only opened temporary stores in a few cases where renovation work requires finding a temporary location to remain open. And the distribution seems to be right this time: more than 10,000 stores will have the tablet from day 1 thanks to the fact that shipments will be 10 times larger.

What’s going to happen once the Apple stores start selling the iPad 2? Well, what we are all imagining: a sales peak, euphoric atmosphere in the stores and delays in web shipments . Some analysts bet on 600,000 tablets sold in the first three days of the iPad 2’s life. And not only that: 82% of the people who plan on buying a tablet will buy that iPad instead of one from the competition. If that happens, Apple will maintain the great advantage it gained from the launch of the first iPad when the competition didn’t react in time.

What do we have to expect in Spain? First, cross your fingers so that the flood of sales in the United States does not cause a delay in the distribution of the rest of the countries. If this doesn’t happen, I see queues at the Apple Store of La Maquinista in Barcelona and at the homonymous one in the Xanadu centre in Madrid; with the same atmosphere as at the openings. As for the web reservations, it will be a matter of being attentive to Apple sending us the exact dates in which you can buy the new iPad online.

Our colleague Pedro Aznar, testing the iPad 2 at Apple’s side event in London

Once the iPad is in the hands of users, we will also wait for the first official figures from Apple. With the launch of the first tablet last year the company sent us a press release telling us about the record sales, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened this time seeing the queues that have formed and the willingness to buy. A word of warning: customers will only be able to purchase two iPads per day and person to avoid sudden depletions and resales in countries where the tablet will not be available.

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Finally, it should be mentioned that Spanish mobile operators are also moving towards the arrival of the iPad 2 with 3G. Vodafone, Movistar and Orange have already confirmed that they will present their tariffs for the new device as soon as it is on sale. Don’t forget: we have an important appointment next Friday, March 25th, in just two weeks. Apple hopes to succeed again on that day, and everything indicates that it will.


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