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What to choose between MacBook and iPad Pro

Apple’s new marketing campaign is already here, and with it, a new way to sell a product, which perhaps until now has not had the demand or the reception that was expected from it .

Apple has always been known for its commitment to each and every one of its products, whether they are more or less in demand. For this reason, Apple has started a campaign by which it shows an image of a tweet from a user where he mentions Apple, saying that his MacBook battery is dying .

What to choose between MacBook and iPad Pro
What to choose between MacBook and iPad Pro

Cupertino used this image to argue that this user could solve his problem by acquiring an iPad Pro . Precisely because of this, today we’ll see if the iPad Pro could be enough to replace our laptop.

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To be able to choose between one or the other, the first thing we have to consider is what kind of activity we are going to do with it . In case we are going to do mere office tasks, social networks or specific activities, it is possible that we will get an iPad Pro in one of its screen configurations. If, on the other hand, we are much more demanding users, it is possible that the iPad Pro does not go far enough and it is better to buy a MacBook in the long run.

As we can see, this product is not one of the most demanded , moreover, if we are a little attentive we may realize that in the Apple Store everyone goes for an iPhone, a MacBook or at most to try some other product without getting it.

One of the drawbacks, as an iPad Pro user, is undoubtedly the size and therefore the low mobility of the product. This iPad Pro is not a heavy product, but its 12.9-inch screen makes it almost the same as if you were carrying a MacBook . Without a doubt, Apple has already realized this, and that’s why it renewed the version with a 9.7-inch model.

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In addition, another of the great disadvantages of this product is its high price , the between 700 and more than 1000 euros are a price to consider the acquisition of a MacBook, which will undoubtedly provide us with greater power.

Apple has a problem with a great idea like an iPad, with a bigger screen and more power. Products like the new iPad Pro, can cannibalize it and the price does not encourage its purchase . Soon, we will see how this product can fit in a market where there are more and more Apple devices.

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