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what the name “pro” wants to make us understand

Finally, after a long time of debate about the name and marketing techniques of Apple, we have the change confirmed: the new iPhone is simply called iPhone 11 (no confusing Roman numerals) and a new model called iPhone 11 Pro comes into play.

The name does not hide too much what the new iPhone really is: a successor to the XR and two successors to the iPhone XS and XS Max . On a technical level the evolution remains linear. However, this name change is intended to completely change the general public’s approach to the iPhone range.

what the name “pro” wants to make us understand
what the name “pro” wants to make us understand

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In the beginning, each generation of the iPhone was composed of a single model. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S… there was a bi-annual number jump and the addition of the “s” to signal an internal improvement of the phone without touching too much its external design. But with the arrival of the iPhone 5s we had the first change that sought to offer an economical alternative to the main model: the iPhone 5c .

As the main model of the iPhone became more and more expensive, Apple released the iPhone 5c in various colors imitating a little bit the idea of the iPod mini in front of the more expensive classic iPod. And with the iPod the technique worked, but not so much with the iPhone 5c . Yes, it was cheaper, but people detected that it was an iPhone 5 (released a year ago) with colored covers. Consumers preferred to invest more money and keep the iPhone 5s, as it was the one that introduced the fastest and newest chip for the time.

After seeing that the idea didn’t work out too well, Apple put aside the idea of “c” terminals and embraced the idea of selling a model with the largest screen which was the iPhone 6 Plus. We continued with the same technique for a couple more years with success, but the markets were giving unmistakable signs that there was demand for a cheap iPhone .

This resulted in the launch of the iPhone SE, a terminal that has ended up being very popular thanks to its price and size. But now that terminal has also stopped selling, and Apple decided to bring back the “iPhone C” technique along with the launch of the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR was born, but with the same processor as the iPhone XS, sacrificing things like the OLED screen to lower its price.

Did it work? Apple even said that the iPhone XR was the best-selling terminal of all , but seeing the bump in sales that they had, you can say that the move was not fine either. Although this is not exclusively a matter of blaming Apple’s marketing staff, there are many external factors at play. A crisis is coming, they say.

So for the new iPhones, at Apple they wanted to make a bigger change: to leave behind the “main model” technique and “the economic model”. Talking about a cheaper iPhone or a cheaper iPhone has the inevitable synonym of being “worse” , which leaves the public with a sour feeling. ” I buy the iPhone XR because I have enough of it, but I know it’s a worse iPhone than the main model “.

We move on to the “one main model and one professional model” model. iPad and iPad Pro. MacBook and MacBook Pro. iMac and iMac Pro. When you buy an iMac, you know there’s an iMac Pro that’s much better and more expensive. But mostly you don’t get the feeling that you can get by on the economy version. You’re left with the image of having the standard model, the one that’s right for everyone, and that there’s a better model but one that’s geared toward professionals. People who need the best of the best. There is not a “more unattainable standard” and a “cheaper and worse”, but there is a “standard” and a “better and more unattainable” . The overall impression is more positive.

So now we have the iPhone 11, the iPhone for everyone. And the iPhone 11 Pro for everyone who needs to get the most out of their iPhone. And it hasn’t happened, but I wouldn’t have been surprised at all to see even an “iPhone 11 Max” differentiated from an “iPhone 11 Pro Max” to also offer a great display at a better price.

I think that’s a good idea. Between this and the sale of previous generations, there is a very tempting range of iPhones, which will be able to cope with a market of consumers who will be able to afford fewer and fewer expensive phones. We’ll see how the Christmas season goes.

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