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What the iPhone must urgently improve

Now that we know for sure that the iPhone will arrive in Spain under Movistar, and that it will almost certainly be a new and remodelled version, we can ask ourselves what are the most important changes that the Apple phone must assume .

The iPhone has been on the market for almost a year now and its successor is very close. That’s why we’re going to look at what’s wrong, what we don’t like, and what Apple should urgently change .

What the iPhone must urgently improve
What the iPhone must urgently improve

The first version of the iPhone is by no means the most powerful in terms of hardware . Its two most favorable weapons are the 3.5-inch multi-touch screen and its high capacity, up to 16 GB, which will possibly be increased in the new model next Monday. Its graphic power has given good results, being even compatible with some 3D video games.

But of course, all that glitters is not gold : one of the most negative aspects is bluetooth , which is worth absolutely nothing . Sorry, it works for the headset, that fundamental accessory for everyone.

Apart from the hands-free headset, the iPhone’s blutooth utility is completely null . This is undoubtedly the most negative aspect. Was it only implemented for the hands-free headset? Let’s hope that with the release of new firmware and new applications any program can make use of such connectivity without prohibitions of any kind and with total freedom.

For me, who don’t use such a handsfree, the main stumbling block on the iPhone is the stupid 3.5 millimetre headphone jack , the ones on the vast majority of players. However, because of the gap in the phone , only very specific types of headphones are compatible : those that have either been designed exclusively for the phone, or which by chance in life make the connector fit. These headsets are compatible with all other devices without any problem, but practically all headsets that are compatible with all other devices are not compatible with the iPhone. Sorry about that.

Solution? $30 is the price of the official telephone headset. Gentlemen of Apple, I have here the headphones of my old audio player, can I use them? No: you eat them .

There is also another aspect that seems to be solved soon: the 3G connectivity is something that, nowadays, is a must in a terminal like the iPhone . This seems to be the main novelty of the phone, and certainly will be a significant improvement over the current EDGE .


Another point that the average user may notice is the very low battery : trying to minimize the use of the iPhone so that the battery has a longer autonomy, it is very complicated to reach 72 hours (3 days) without having to connect the device, and with many of the functions (like EDGE or the music player) totally disabled. Más de 10 cosas que no molan del iPhone.Imágenes Will we have a phone with a maximum of one day’s battery life? What happens if I go to the countryside at the weekend and there’s no way to connect it to the mains? One option would be to allow the battery to be exchanged, although not even with those: will we have to take half a dozen batteries with us to go on an excursion?

It seems that, although the battery will still not be able to be exchanged by the user, the new firmware itself will enable and disable the 3G connectivity , something that will make the battery last a little longer, but that is cheating at the end of the day. They will always be able to do research in the new fields of current development, such as zinc-silver batteries or nanotechnology, although there is something that tells me that for this type of device to reach the market there are still many, many years to go.

These are the main stumbling blocks I see to the current iPhone. Will we see any fixes at next Monday’s presentation? What do you think should be fixed as soon as possible? .

UPDATE 0606: reading Jordi Soler’s commentary, is perhaps another of the most important points: the integrated FM radio , something that Apple has not yet integrated as standard in any iPodiPhone.

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