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What should I bring with me to buy my iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 will soon be a reality. The presentation is close, although the date is not clear. With just a few weeks to go, we’re giving our opinion on what new features are crucial for many of us to make the leap to the new terminal.

There’s less and less left for the new iPhone 5 to appear. New rumors are constantly coming out, and at Applesupportphonenumber we try to publish those that are stronger or seem more convincing. We more or less know that the phone will come out in September or October, and the model that will end up coming out may be different from its previous brothers.

What should I bring with me to buy my iPhone 5?What should I bring with me to buy my iPhone 5?

Many of us are currently users of an iPhone, whether it is the 3GS or 4, and surely a significant percentage of these are thinking of making the leap to the next generation of the apple phone. Cooling our heads and thinking with our pockets, we will have to take stock of the novelties and usefulness that we can take away from the future terminal. At this point, there is a question that all users must ask themselves.

Personally, I expect a completely new design and that it won’t look anything like the 3GS. I know there are many followers of that model, but 4 has me in love. At best, that it follows the bases of the iPhone 4, being thinner and with a semi-curved back, as it has been rumored.

Another feature you should bring is the larger screen . There is also talk that this possibility will eventually become real, and for me it is a must have feature for the upcoming gadget. In addition to gaining more space for viewing applications or browsing the internet, the task of writing would be more enjoyable and simple.

The total elimination of the button home . It is said that the opposite will happen, and that iPhone 5 will bring a button home more elongated and positioned lower than normal. The iPhone is a touch phone, and with this philosophy it catapulted itself to success. Right now, there’s no button left. It could exist as part of the screen, but be capacitive rather than physical. If not on the next terminal, it will end up happening in future releases. It’s something I’ve been convinced of for some time.

NFC technology : If the iPhone brings it as standard, the inclusion of this technology in smartphones will be faster, so businesses will implement it in the short term. Remember that this is a method capable of transferring data wirelessly over a maximum distance of 20 cm and at a speed of 424 kbits, which would be used to pay for our purchases or identify us from the iPhone .

I would like you to bring a camera capable of taking 3D captures . I know this is the least likely of all, and perhaps not very useful. But this technology is gaining strength, and sooner or later Apple will end up implementing it in its devices. I don’t need a better camera either. If they increased it to 8 MPx (which would be the logical step), it would be an added value, but not essential for me.

If you want to bet, do it by the A5 Chip of Apple. This update is sung, and already incorporated in the iPad 2. A little more RAM wouldn’t go amiss and would make the terminal one of the most powerful on the market. Surely, with the next iOS 5 it will be necessary.

Something everyone would appreciate is a longer battery life . The “problem” is not only for the iPhone, as it is widespread among all smartphones on the market. Reducing size makes it difficult to think of such an achievement, but if the battery lasted two full days with intermediate use, it would be a success. Currently, if you give little use to the terminal, the battery can exceed the day of life, but little more. With intensive use, you can fall short and not finish the day, forcing more than one person to carry the charger.

And for a server, an iPhone 4 user, it would be enough to make the leap without thinking about it. If the only thing Apple comes up with is a replacement for the current one with a new design, bigger screen, and better battery, it would almost certainly end up with the juicy new toy on the apple.

What do you need to buy the nearby iPhone 5?

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