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What should Apple do with the next iPhone after seeing the Nexus One?

Finally the rumors have been fulfilled and Google has done it. He’s launched his own phone, and it looks like it’s not just any phone. It’s slim, has a 3.7-inch screen with a resolution that makes the iPhone green with envy, and is powered by a 1 GHz processor from Qualcomm. I could go on listing its specifications, but what I’m getting at is that outperforms the iPhone 3GS in virtually every area .

Therefore, Apple has to create a coup with their next phone. How? Only Cupertino know, but they have to review absolutely all aspects of the phone , because Google has done something very close to turn the iPhone strategy upside down.

What should Apple do with the next iPhone after seeing the Nexus One?
What should Apple do with the next iPhone after seeing the Nexus One?

First of all, while Apple offers the phone chained to the contract of a particular operator depending on the country you are in, Google sells its Nexus One completely free, at a high price (about 370 euros) but not exaggerated (I’ve heard prices of up to 1,000 euros for a free iPhone). Knowing that I myself paid 350 euros to get an iPhone 3G the day of its launch and even paying such an amount I underwent a stay that will last until July 11 this year, is to think about it.

The main weapon that the iPhone has and that no one else can boast of is the App Store, which has achieved an inhuman number of downloads in a relatively short time. Its success is indisputable, and practically all the competition has ended up imitating Apple and opening their own app stores , although without the success of the App Store. Not even a completely open system like Android has managed, for the moment, to divert the attention of developers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple keeps on enhancing and improving that store to keep getting ahead of its competitors, although of course how it’s going to do it is a mystery.

The first thing I think Apple should do is, of course, improve the specifications of the iPhone . They already did this with the 3GS, but it still wasn’t enough. Obviously this is what they are going to do with the iPhone 4G, there is no doubt about it. But they also have to innovate and present a new design, since they spent the wild card of preserving the appearance of the phone in 2008 , when the 3GS was introduced.

The second thing is to reconsider the way we sell the phone. I don’t think the strategy of selling it through an exclusive operator and at a high price (as much as Steve Jobs promised that the iPhone 3G would cost at most 199 and 299 dollars around the world, Movistar and the rest of the operators did what they wanted ) works as well as it has until now, since an iPhone no longer represents anything absolutely innovative for which people spend the night at the door of a store queuing to get it. It wouldn’t be bad either to improve the distribution, since at least in Spain it has been lamentable.

Todo sobre el Google Nexus One en XatakaMovil

Finally and as a curiosity, I leave you with a video in which the participants of an American program show the great difference between an Apple presentation and a Google presentation . The presentation of a product may not direct the subsequent opinion of users, but it is certainly something very important and in Apple, fortunately, they take care of it as much as possible.

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