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what products we can expect from the company

With the year now underway, it’s time to take a look at the Apple products we expect in this 2020. The apple company left many renewals in the inkwell last year. But we must also pay attention to the soul of these devices: the software. E n this new chapter of the Apple Talks , Julio César Muñoz and Pedro Aznar discuss what they expect for 2020.

In this debate, Julio tells us how the software of Apple devices will evolve. Through a single large team of developers , Apple has unified the platforms and assigned smaller teams to individualize the experience on each device.

what products we can expect from the companywhat products we can expect from the company

We expect the renewed iPad Pro to be introduced this year, probably in the spring. The processor would be the A13X Bionic, a version of the same chip that iPhone 11 has but with more powerful graphics . We will also see a new camera system, with a 3D laser sensor that will allow scanning rooms.

This technology will be of great importance, one of the previous steps to more specific hardware focused on augmented reality. The two models of smart glasses are not expected until 2021 and 2022 respectively . For these devices, having accurate mapping and interior information is of great importance.

In addition to the iPad Pro, we’ll see a successor to the iPhone SE. The rumored iPhone 9 would combine modern technologies with others already known, where it would highlight a more affordable price to other models. An iPhone to serve as an entry point to the company’s terminals. And of course, we are talking about the iPhone 12 and everything that this 2020 model will entail. All this and more is what Pedro and Julio talk about in today’s episode.

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