What new products will Apple launch in March?

Rumors about iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices have been around for years. However, not so much is known about other accessories that also end up being relevant to Cupertino’s company. That’s why today we have a new forecast from Ming-Chi Kuo, one of Apple’s best known “prophets” who has brought forward new products that we could see this year.

In the last hours Ming-Chi Kuo has launched a new report in which he analyzed how the coronavirus crisis could affect China, since that is where the main Apple factories and other technology companies are located. In that same report he spoke about several products that could be launched this year, specifically during the current first quarter.

What new products will Apple launch in March?
What new products will Apple launch in March?

One of them, and which has already sounded for the end of 2019, is the Apple Tag . These are accessories in the shape of a key ring or sticker that we can place on objects such as wallets, backpacks or key rings in order to locate these objects. Something similar to what happens with Tile accessories. It is known that Apple has been working on this product for some time, to the point that references have appeared in some past versions of iOS.

Another forecast that Kuo indirectly dropped was that of a multiple load base . Much is remembered about the famous failed development of AirPower, an Apple charging base that was shown at a 2017 event and ended up being cancelled in the days when many media were betting that it would come out. It doesn’t seem that Apple has returned to this project, but we have been speculating for months about the possibility of finding an alternative in which, with a different design, devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods can be charged at the same time .

Finally, the Asian analyst also mentioned a headset. In view of the recent renewal of the AirPod range with the second generation and the ‘Pro’ range, everything points to the Powerbeats 4 . These headphones have already given clear indications of being on the verge of being launched in view of the references found in the iOS 13 code.

Although Min-Chi Kuo has a sometimes unflattering track record in forecasting, he certainly doesn’t seem to be out of step this time around. All this taking into account that he has not been the only analyst who has commented on it and that, as we have already said, it has been rumoured since the end of last year. However, it is unlikely that these products will be presented at a special event , as they have little media relevance and a press release is more than enough to make them known.

In any case, we will have to wait to confirm that these forecasts are true. If this is finally the month chosen by Apple to bring these products to market, it is very likely that we had closer information about them in previous weeks.

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