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what Macs this new generation of Intel processors would fit

Apple is not satisfied with Intel , and this is evident in signs such as the fact that in the past keynote the name of the company was not pronounced at any time despite talking about its processors. The evolution of their chips is slow, while since Cupertino they achieve record performances with their ARM architectures.

However, as long as the step you’re thinking about doesn’t happen, Apple still relies on Intel for its Macs. Therefore, the presentation of the new 10 nanometer Sunny Cove chips is interesting. These are chips that could give the Mac of the future new limits in power and graphics performance.

what Macs this new generation of Intel processors would fit
what Macs this new generation of Intel processors would fit

At AppleIntel, he introduces his first 5G modem, probably the modem for the iPhone of 2020

Integrated graphics with the performance of some discrete cards

The Intel Sunny Cove will stand out, to a large extent, for its eleventh generation integrated graphics chip . According to our colleagues at Xataka it will have a performance comparable to some dedicated graphics cards, reaching the gross Teraflop in floating point operations.

Where could we see these processors and integrated graphics? Well for example in the future MacBook Pro , at least in the input models that don’t have integrated graphics. iMacs could have them, too, but high-end models would always have a built-in graphics for more power.

Even the iMac Pro could have a variant of this generation, as the Sunny Cove will also be marketed under the name of Intel Xeon. Each chip can carry up to 48 cores, no less, supporting amounts of RAM that can be measured in Petabytes.

At AppleThe new ninth-generation Intel Xeon can be part of the new modular Mac Pro

Will those intel guys get here in time?

Anyway, we’re talking about something that’s going to happen in the middle of next year. And by then I’m more interested in what might happen with the hypothetical arrival of ARM processors on the Mac , which is becoming more and more likely as we see the power of the new iPad Pro.

We will see more clues about all this with the evolution of macOS: Mojave already includes some applications compiled from iOS and in WWDC 2019 we should see the next step of this transition coming out of the Apple Park and opening to the whole community of developers. And there’s nothing like a Mac with ARM to motivate those developers to start compiling for a new platform.