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What it’s like on a daily basis with the Apple Watch

Since I got the Apple Watch I have been asked dozens of times “the question” : what is it for? Whoever pronounces these words wants to know quickly if it’s worth opening his punished wallet and connecting another device in another charger at bedtime.

When I gave my answer, I saw reactions of all kinds. From people who were surprised by a “Really? Let me see that” to gestures of indifference and loss of interest. The usual in a product that has barely reached the users’ wrists. Not everyone will value what it offers in the same way.

What it’s like on a daily basis with the Apple Watch
What it’s like on a daily basis with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is going to mean different things to different people. Just as we each use the iPhone in a particular way, thanks to the thousands of apps and services we can find on it. That’s why we can’t demand the Apple Watch to attract everyone . At least, not at the moment.

Taking this into account and after more than a month and a half using the Apple Watch, I can’t find a single reason that encourages me to put it on my wrist every day. There are many of them.

An attractive design

To these words I would add that a wearable device, being more visible than a smartphone, must be an expression of ourselves. It should connect to the user in the same way that a pair of jeans, a jacket, a bag or a cap do. It is fashion and as such should be attractive .

In my opinion, the external design of the Apple Watch achieves its goal at this point. Its smooth, rounded lines and a strap that doesn’t seem to be there (at least in the fluoroelastomer model) make you forget you’re wearing anything on your wrist. Except when you turn it around and its screen lights up to receive you.

The wearable technology should be like this, invisible to the user and appear when needed . Interact for a handful of seconds and forget about it again. Appear when it can be useful and disappear immediately when it can’t. The Apple Watch fulfills this promise implicit in a wearable and encourages us to wear it at first, which is no small thing.

How to keep the user hooked

Last year I was given a Fitbit bracelet for my birthday that I wore every day for 6 months. As soon as the holidays arrived and I went to the beach, I took it off and left it on my bedside table so I would never wear it again . I think one of the reasons was that you never knew “what I thought” of this bracelet. And of course the iPhone app didn’t help.

You couldn’t interact with her. It had no screen, except for five little LED lights that barely gave any information. It was just there. It would disappear but not appear when you needed it. This may be the reason why the first wearables are abandoned after 6 months. In my case the prediction came true: from February to August, half a year.

It is not fair to compare the Fitbit bracelet, with its reduced possibilities, with an Apple Watch. But is the only reference I have . There is one aspect of this device that could make us wear it past the 6 month barrier.

The Apple Watch invites you to wear it every day

When you look at the activity app on your iPhone and see that activity calendar with its rings, you feel proud to see them more or less complete. I haven’t yet left my watch on my bedside table like others have, but I can imagine the disappointment of seeing a gap in this calendar. Call it competitiveness or obsession, but it’s one of those things you understand when you use the Apple Watch for a few weeks.

In my case, I’ve been living in Canada for four months and it’s become one of the times in my life that I’m doing the most sport. 40 kilometres on a mountain bike every week is a whole world for someone who until recently did not do any sport at all . Zero. Apart from the excursions I do on the paths of the valley every few days.

Therefore, I think the Apple Watch will keep the interest in carrying a wearable device on it. It goes beyond counting steps or the miles you run, it groups them together and displays them in a way that is useful to the user. It sends you warnings when you sit for more than an hour to stand up . Makes weekly summaries of your physical activity. And rewards you with medals when you exceed your expectations.

The Apple Watch in everyday life

The Apple Watch is like a personal assistant on your wrist

When I read the first analyses of the Apple Watch, there was a recurring theme in some cases. The Apple Watch would unhook you from your iPhone. I thought it was absurd to mention this as a positive thing. Why would I want to be away from my phone?

It’s something you don’t realize, but it eventually happens. I used to carry my iPhone all the time or it was within reach when I was working on the computer or watching TV. Now it’s not unusual for me to leave it in the room or anywhere else without feeling that characteristic anxiety of “Am I missing something?

Much of the blame for this lies with the management of the notifications made by the Apple Watch. I was once sceptical of them, but once I’ve set them up to my liking I think it’s one of their great contributions to my daily life. That and being able to do things from the wrist without having to touch the iPhone or have it near.

Siri on the Apple Watch is what it should always have been: a virtual assistant always within our reach

Siri is what makes the Apple Watch from a good product to a great device. Turn your wrist, say “Hey Siri” and be able to send messages through iMessage , make phone calls, create a reminder when you get home or set the countdown. All while you’re doing other things and without getting lost in the vastness of your iPhone. Siri is in the Apple Watch everything we were promised on the day of its launch with the iPhone 4S.

About the apps, we know that by the end of the year they will be native and will improve their speed and usefulness. As of today, of the 20 I tried at the time I only have 2 installed: SoundHound and Slack. The rest are still slow and with dubious features .

9 días con el Apple Watch, lo brillante, lo bueno y lo malo.

For me, the Apple Watch makes my life more comfortable. It’s one of those things you could live without perfectly and nothing would happen. But just like the car remote control, the microwave or the Nespresso coffee makers, once you have them it’s hard to go back .

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