What is the use of a third camera on an iPhone? These are some of the improvements it would bring

The rumors are increasingly strong in this regard, this year’s iPhone could bring up to a total of three cameras in the back in its largest model. Currently some phone manufacturers and have bet on the three cameras in even the four. But what does a third camera bring? There are several features that we could see.

Get used to it, the triple camera on the iPhone is closer than ever.

What is the use of a third camera on an iPhone? These are some of the improvements it would bring
What is the use of a third camera on an iPhone? These are some of the improvements it would bring

As we have seen in some renders based on leaks, the iPhone XS Max replacement would have three cameras protruding in the back in a kind of square next to the flash. Currently Apple has placed two cameras in a vertical position with a flash in the middle. A third camera would involve forming a kind of triangle between them.

In AppleThree lenses in a huge rear camera: this could be the iPhone of 2019 according to OnLeaks

That a cell phone has two, three, four or even five cameras does not have to be something negative. It’s not about seeing who has more, but see how they are used and their real utility . in the case of the iPhone could have some of the following utilities:

  • 3x optical zoom: The telephoto lens (the second camera) on today’s iPhone allows you to take a picture with 2x optical magnification. This means that we can enlarge an image up to twice as much without losing quality as with the digital zoom. The third camera of the iPhone could do something similar, but bringing the magnifications up to 3x, i.e. triple magnify an image without losing quality.
  • Brighter pictures: Thanks to a larger aperture in this camera, Apple could take advantage of it to improve pictures in low light conditions. The aperture of the iPhone XS in its main camera is f1.8 while in the secondary camera it is f2.2. If Apple integrated a third camera of for example f1.6 or f1.5, we would have a camera capable of capturing more light and that could be used to obtain more detail in night images.

In AppleApple prepares an iPhone with triple camera and another with LCD screen for this year, according to WSJ

  • Ultra wide angle: A third camera could be used to capture a wider scene if the camera is ultra wide angle. This means that the camera can capture at a wider angle of view than the current one, perfect for landscapes or pictures where we want to capture a large number of people for example. Currently, Apple considers the main camera of the iPhone to be wide-angle, and it is so because it has a focal length of 26mm. But other manufacturers such as LG or Huawei have in their star terminals an ultra wide angle camera with focal lengths of 16 mm, which translates into much wider scenes. The challenge however is to ensure that these photographs are not distorted.
  • More accurate detection for ARKit: The possibility that more ballots have to become reality, that Apple uses the three-camera system to capture 3D images. Currently, the second camera can capture the depth of objects, but there are several rumors that Apple would be thinking of a third camera to get stereoscopic images. That is, two cameras capture the object from different angles and together with the third one they position the object in space and with the correct distance from the phone. Why all this? More precise and faster augmented reality.

Over the next few months we will surely see more details of the next Apple phone . And if it is true that it will have a third camera, we may know more exactly what it will be for.

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