What is Ecosia? Help save the planet!

Today I’m going to talk to you about something different, something we don’t usually talk about here: Internet search engines. Introducing Ecosia, the green search engine!

Ecosia is an Internet search engine that was born in Germany in the year 2009 with the collaboration of Bing (Microsoft), but it was not until recently that it became popular. But what is it? Why is it better or not than other search engines? What promises does it bring?

What is Ecosia? Help save the planet!
What is Ecosia? Help save the planet!

In Ecosia they define themselves as a green and ecological search engine. According to their website, 80% of the profits produced by the search engine thanks to advertising are donated to plant trees in Africa. In addition, they claim to compensate 100% for all their CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Ecosia, an ecological search engine.

And how do they manage to plant so many trees? Like every Internet search engine, whether big like Google or Bing, or small, the basis of their earnings is advertising . Thus, for each search, the company estimates that it earns 0.5 cents of a euro by entering advertising between searches. In this way, every 56 searches , which would be 28 cents, plants a tree . In addition, at the top of the search engine you can see how many searches you have carried out!

According to the latest reports, at a rate of 1 tree every 2 seconds , Ecosia planted a total of more than 10 million plants and has 5 million users. No doubt they have done a great job, although there is still a lot to do …

The importance of trees to Ecosia.

But they’re obviously not content with that. They have also launched an extension for Google Chrome, EcoLinks that allows you to make purchases by means of the extension . When purchasing, Ecosia gains between 2-10% if the user accessed the store from the extension. And of course, the purpose of this money is the same as the money obtained from the searches.

Critical Opinion

While this all sounds very nice, do they really do what they promise? Are they as green as they say they are?

Although the fact that they plant the trees they promise is real (or so it seems), the truth is that not everything is 100% ecological. The guys at Ecosia don’t take into account a very important fact, and that is the ecological impact of the searches with Bing . Ecosia searches are performed by Bing, the Microsoft search engine. So, maybe it’s not all that green…

Despite that, it is a very good initiative, although I personally would have appreciated it to work with DuckDuckGo , a search engine that promises greater privacy. What do you think? Do you like this search engine? Are you going to use it?

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