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What is Apple’s Limited Warranty?

Apple is a company that is characterized by being faithful to its own laws and regulations, so it is not unusual to see easy criticism or lawsuits against Cupertino’s company. One of the most talked about issues that still confuses many of its customers today is the now famous one-year limited warranty. Do I only have a one-year warranty? Do I have an AppleCare contract?

I have noticed, especially in my immediate environment, that there is some confusion with Apple’s one-year limited warranty . Before understanding Apple’s warranty policy, let’s look at the points that Spanish law states when purchasing products:

  • The law establishes a general two-year warranty period from the purchase of any product.
  • If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months after the delivery of the good, it is presumed to be a defect of origin, the consumer will not have to prove anything to get the warranty applied
  • If the problem manifests itself after these 6 months, the manufacturer or the seller can require the consumer to prove that the fault existed at the origin of the purchase.

If we look, regardless of whether the product defect has to be proved to be a manufacturing fault or not, the law provides a general two-year warranty period. Apple, like any other company selling products in the U.S., cannot waive this minimum period, but can modify it for the customer’s benefit, and while it may seem misleading, this is what the one-year limited warranty is all about .

The Californian company not only offers us those first 6 months without having to prove product failure, but extends that period to one year , regardless of whether we bought the product from an Apple Store or any other store authorized to sell these products. In the first year after you purchase your product, you can visit your nearest Apple Retail Store or contact Apple through its AppleCare service (free for the first year).

The big stir comes from consuming that first year’s warranty. After this period, Apple distinguishes between customers who have purchased their product from the Apple Store ( physical or web store ), on the other hand those who have not purchased it from the Apple Store ( MediaMarkt, El Corte Ingles, Movistar store… ) and finally those who have contracted the AppleCare Protection Plan .

Product purchased from the Apple Store

The customer who buys the product both in the physical Apple Store and on the web will have during the first year of

  • Three-month telephone support (AppleCare) -where we can answer any questions you may have about the operation and use of the product.
  • Repair or replacement of the product without an expert opinion. -Depending on the type of fault with the product, the Genius Bar will make the decision to repair or replace it.
  • Home collection of the product in case of repair or replacement. -Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Apple Store nearby and this service is very convenient for the customer.

Second year of warranty:


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    -We may continue to handle the warranty directly at an Apple Retail Store, but in this case the Genius Bar will need to consult a superior for replacement or repair of the product.

  • We do not have a home collection service.

Product not purchased from Apple Store

First year of warranty:

  • Same conditions as a product purchased at the Apple Store.
What is Apple’s Limited Warranty?What is Apple’s Limited Warranty?

Second year of warranty:

  • Any technical issues or repairs to the product must be handled from where the product was purchased, not directly from the Apple Store.


The great confusion created by Apple’s extended warranty, is mainly generated by the company’s interest , in its customers contracting this extended warranty service. AppleCare offers a number of benefits for two years on iOS devices and three years on Macs, paying a fee that varies depending on the equipment purchased. By signing up for this service, we will ensure a full warranty for our product .

Some advantages:

  • Repair and service at the Apple Store without expertise, during the entire warranty period.
  • Telephone service during the entire warranty period.
  • Home collection of the product in case of repair or replacement, during the entire warranty period.
  • The battery is covered during the entire warranty period, regardless of the charge cycle or service life.

In my opinion, it all depends on how long we plan to have that product. If we take an iPhone as an example, and I think I’m going to have it for more than a year, I’d sign up for AppleCare as long as I didn’t buy it from the Apple Store. If I think I’m not going to have that product for more than a year or I bought it at the AppleStore, I wouldn’t sign up for AppleCare. In any case, what nobody can deny is that Apple has one of the best after-sales services , and it is that many times we think about how expensive these products are compared to the competition, and we forget these details in which it is worth paying that difference. or is it that every company has an Apple Store where their customers are their colleagues?