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What is a Mac Pro

It’s been 6 months since Phil Schiller gave a preview of what was to be the new and long-awaited generation of Apple’s professional desktop computer. It had been a long time, perhaps too long for many, but the new generation of Mac professional computers is finally arriving with a change as radical as it is impressive, both in design and in components and possibilities. The new Mac Pro is now available for purchase.

Apple launches its new desktop computer: price from £3,049 . Conclusions for almost anyone: normal is Apple, they swing with the price and are very expensive. Many will think it is crazy to ask that for a computer when for much less I have a very powerful desktop computer in PC. Well, they would think wrongly because Mac Pro is not a desktop PC nor can it be compared to them. It’s what’s called a workstation and those are big words .

What is a Mac Pro
What is a Mac Pro

A workstation is a computer that has more expensive components and is prepared for all kinds of professional work. The server is not the same as any PC or the other models in the Mac range. And the new Mac Pro is modular, which means you can expand the memory, change or extend the GPUs or drives, etc… It’s not as modular as many people would like or others workstations on the market, due to its design, but more than enough for those who want to forget about those details and just work .

I invite you, for example, to enjoy the final credits of any film from the production company Dreamworks Animation and to look, almost at the end of them, as it says: made with HP servers and workstations. Well, Mac Pro is the workstation from Apple and it can be used, for example, to texture and give color to the characters of a movie like Monsters University from Pixar Animation Studios. All this is done through Mari software, as shown in one of the most spectacular presentations at the last WWDC where the new Mac Pro was presented.

Mac Pro is not a computer for you to edit home movies or have your music collection on. It doesn’t make sense if you use it for browsing or office work. Mac Pro is just that – a professional tool that can allow you to create or edit any of the new animation or live-action films from Ultra High Definition (or 4K) masters, for example. A computer capable of handling without blinking 3 simultaneous desktops in this resolution (3840×2160 in 16:9) and editing with, for example, the latest update of Final Cut Pro seeing the result of our work in real time and without losing an ounce of quality .

It is suitable for a sound studio where a composer or a mixer for TV or movies needs hundreds of tracks played at the same time, with real time effects. For professional photographers who make, process and work with uncompressed images, thousands of them in real time. For people who are involved in digital post-production of effects with tools such as After Effects, where integrated 3D objects are used with tens or hundreds of shots and color retouches in each layer and who need to see the result while working .

For all that, a consumer computer is no good: it doesn’t have enough power . You need a computer that goes further and the new Mac Pro is Apple’s bet: a computer with Intel Xeon processors used for servers, with ECC parity memory (which control errors in real time and give much higher efficiency) or flash memory disks much faster in interface and transfer than any on the market. A machine with a dual ATI Fire Pro graphics processor with incredible graphics processing power and with all kinds of external device ports with the latest and fastest standards on the market .

Some people will think you can get it cheaper. It could be, in fact, that it is perhaps not the best option since there are many others on the market that are very competitive. Mac Pro is a great option, as is everyone else’s Mac . To say that it is the best, at this point, is too relative to the taste or experience of each user. What is important is that they understand that Mac Pro is not an ordinary computer. It is a professional workstation with a very high capacity and ready for very specialized work . That’s why its price seems crazy, but any workstation on the market, with those capabilities, is priced that way.

As a professional in the audiovisual world I am weighing it up, for the sound and dubbing studio as well as the video production . For me its price is very competitive. In what I have seen, HP, without going any further, sells from 2300 base configurations much lower than the base model of Mac Pro: with CPUs and GPUs of lower range, without flash disks and a traditional tower design.

As a professional, it’s satisfying to see that Apple hasn’t forgotten about us, as many predicted. The professional market is not particularly juicy nor does it give enormous figures compared to the consumer market: but the prestige and position that is achieved has great value as a brand. And Apple knows this very well .

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