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What I think Apple should do with iTunes

A month ago, my colleague Miguel Micháncriticized iTunes and, in part, what it has become because of the dozens of devices that depend on it . From an application to play our music library, it has become the management centre for all the iPods and iPhones that Apple has launched to date, as well as being a shop for films, music and applications, with all the infrastructure that this entails.

The result is a heavy, slow, and multi-stability-failing application (just look at the fact that it is the application that experiences the most updates). Many of us, seeing the rumors about iTunes 8 that have appeared in the wake of Apple’s next event on Tuesday, have a slight hope that this problem will be solved , making iTunes lighter and more stable. I personally want them to do that, but I don’t have much hope for that. However, I think Apple could do something like what I’m going to explain after the jump.

What I think Apple should do with iTunes
What I think Apple should do with iTunes

Basically, I think that Apple could take away all the work iTunes has with device syncing . Because we’ve gone from syncing just songs to syncing movies, applications, contacts in the address book, calendars, notes, Safari bookmarks, and even backing up our calls, SMS… couldn’t Apple create a dedicated application to sync all that data with its devices?

This application, of course, should enjoy full integration with the rest of the applications on the mac , as iTunes already has with iPhoto to synchronize albums with our iPods, for example. And since that application will be in charge of synchronizing all the data with our gadgets, I would call it iSync . But wait… That application already exists!

And in fact, since the iPhone boom, iSync hasn’t really taken off. The app simply turns third-party phones into compatible devices that sync with iCal and Address Book. And in my opinion, I think that Apple could give iSync back its prominence by giving it the synchronization of iPods and iPhones .

Thus, when we connect our device, iSync would start (which would be much faster than not starting up all of iTunes) and would already manage the synchronization of photos with iPhoto, contacts with Address Book, calendars with iCal… In this way, iTunes would remain only as a player and as a multimedia content store. It may be a perfectly crazy idea , but I think that if not this, something similar is what Cupertino’s should consider in view of the enormous size that iTunes is reaching. Divide and conquer.