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What I expect from iPhone 8 to be the perfect terminal

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José Alberto Lizana

What I expect from iPhone 8 to be the perfect terminal
What I expect from iPhone 8 to be the perfect terminal

Posted on January 22nd, 2017 – 09:43

The iPhone, one of the most desired devices for all of you who are reading these lines. These last generations of the iPhone have shone by the criticism received, due to the few new features that have been incorporated . In this article I tell you what should be added to the iPhone of the 10th generation, the iPhone 8, to make it the perfect mobile.

Less than 9 months left for Tim Cook to take the stage and introduce us to the iPhone most awaited by all consumers, the 10th generation . We don’t know if it will end up being called iPhone 7s, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, but what I do know is what I expect from this iPhone to be my perfect terminal.

OLED screen

One of the areas where Apple should improve is in its displays. Rival companies have already included OLED-enhanced screens in their terminals. This I hope Apple will start to include in iPhone 8.

In addition to giving us a visual improvement and significant battery savings. These screens could give us the possibility to play with the design we currently have and which is so criticized for being so conservative.

Curved screens or the elimination of the edges that we have in our iPhones, could be some of the ideas that we would see in the iPhone 8 if Cupertino’s people finally opt for the use of this technology.

Greater autonomy

Another problem we have in the current generation of iPhone is the little autonomy they have. In addition, recent reports are stating that iOS 10.2 is not helping to solve this problem from the software but rather is aggravating it.

We hope that Apple will take more care in the field of drums, although it is a request that we have already repeated in many similar articles. If it’s true that the Plus range brings a better battery, but those of Cupertino must think about those people who prefer smaller devices.

True” wireless charging

Another area where Apple should continue to develop is wireless charging. I want to emphasize the term “true” that I have put in the title of this section. I think wireless charging by induction is not one of the most correct choices that iPhone 8 should have.

The induction charging forces us to leave our device on a base, which would prevent us from using it while it is charging. This is a small drawback to wireless charging, which I like to think is why we haven’t seen it on iPhone 7.

True wireless charging is where we can continue to use our device freely in a room, while the iPhone continues to charge. It may seem like a very futuristic technology, but numerous reports have already given rise to expectations of the arrival of this technology.

The long-range wireless charging may be something Apple can impress us with, taking the phrase “Apple doesn’t innovate anymore” off the company’s radar.

What do you think the iPhone 8 will bring? I invite you to leave in the comment box everything you want Apple to bring us in the next generation of iPhone that we will see in September.

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