What has the emergence of a notification system integrated into OS X meant for Growl?

Mountain Lion opens today. One of the star features is the integration of the Notification Center into the system. This way, Apple covers the need that many users requested: to have the notifications synchronized between their mobile device and their computer. However, this great functionality has a great disadvantage. It is a veteran in the history of Mac OS X; and that is that Growl has little to do now that Apple has taken the step. Read on and see what will happen with Growl.

If you’ve been working on OS X for a few years, you’ve probably been looking for ways to improve the functionalities of your operating system every day. Growl is probably one of those must-have programs when you want to get a little more out of your Mac.

What has the emergence of a notification system integrated into OS X meant for Growl?
What has the emergence of a notification system integrated into OS X meant for Growl?

For those who do not know what Growl is, is an integrated system of notifications that tells us what has happened in our system at any given time . It is completely customizable; we can choose from the applications that can notify us to the appearance of the notification balloons.

Those of us who’ve been at Mac for a few years know him well. It was dormant for a long time, but when the Mac App Store and OS X Lion came out, the developers suddenly woke up and put it in Apple’s new Store, turning it into a paid-for application and with some extra features over the classic version.

The decline of Growl

Since then they’ve been beating around the bush aimlessly. Growl is no longer loved by everyone . It is now a paid application -which is totally respectable, but politically incorrect if it was born as an Open Source project-; sooner or later they will have to leave the Mac App Store because now Apple only accepts applications that work inside a sandbox . So, applications like Growl that need access to different parts of the system cannot be published in the Apple store. But Apple has not yet removed Growl from the Mac App Store.

Apple’s notification system, called Notification Center, was born in iOS 5, and with the desire of iOSification in OS X that Cupertino’s have, they have also decided to take the notification center to Mountain Lion, remaining completely integrated into the system and perfectly synchronized with iOS thanks to iCloud.

This is a big blow to the classic OS X notification. Apple has hit them where it hurts most and it’s another chapter in their history of killing third-party applications by integrating functionality into the system.

How does Growl respond to this kick in the ass from Apple?

The developers have taken it with a bit of humour and are trying to make us believe that this step by Apple is not a blow, but healthy competition. In fact they say welcome to the party, we were already getting bored .

The first thing they point out is that Growl is not dead and will not disappear after the appearance of Mountain Lion . In fact they warn that they are working on future versions of the notification system and warn that Notification Center will only work with applications from the Mac App Store, Growl works with any application.

They’ll probably put it inside the notification center to standardize everything. Since Apple will not adapt to its way of working, it will be Growl that has to adapt to Apple .

They also argue that GrowlTunes and HardwareGrowler are not offered by Apple, so if you love to know what’s playing on your iTunes at all times and know the connection status of your peripherals, Growl will have to keep you company on the road.

How will it all end?

It seems that the developers of Growl refuse to give up, want to offer their alternative and run parallel to the notification center , which I find interesting as well.

This does not mean that users who used Growl to know when they received a message or a new tweet – the vast majority of users – will not use this system anymore because Apple’s system works in sync with iOS and is integrated into the system, and it’s free!

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