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What has gone unnoticed in iOS 6.1

iOS 6.1 has brought more novelties than those officially presented by Apple. Among them, we can highlight the redesign of the welcome screen in Passbook, which is now a ticket that can be deleted and at the same time gives us a link to the App Store applications that are integrated with Passbook. In the unlocking screen, the volume slider with interactive reflection has been included and now the disc covers are centered.

Although iOS 6.1, released last Monday, didn’t bring too many new features to the table, there are some that have gone quite unnoticed by users .

What has gone unnoticed in iOS 6.1
What has gone unnoticed in iOS 6.1

We have to take into account that we are facing a minor update, so new features are conspicuous by their absence, and all we can see are interface fixes or bug fixes . And so it has been with iOS 6.1, which brings us the possibility of buying movies from Fandango in the US, support for LTE in some operators and the possibility of downloading songs individually through iTunes Match.

But that’s the news Apple officially named. However there are some that are not so visible , but that we show you so that you can enjoy them.


Although everything seems to be the same, Apple has decided to boost Passbook and for that they have redesigned the welcome screen when we don’t have any ticket loaded, where they tell us why we should use it, and where we can find applications that work with Passbook . Now within the application we are given access to Apps for Passbook , a selection of service applications or companies that offer us their tickets via Passbook.

But this button has been available since the first iOS 6 release. The novelty that Passbook brings now is that this link is now a ticket , so we can keep it permanently to easily download new applications or remove it permanently. Previously, when we downloaded the first application the link to the App Store would automatically disappear.

Unlocking screen

The obsession with detail is an aspect that Apple has always stressed, and if they know there is any visual inconsistency in their software , they take advantage of any update to correct it. iOS 6 has brought its share of visual improvements to the unlock screen , which apparently remains the same. Apparently.

If you remember, one of the most curious and visual novelties of iOS 6 was that in some applications the volume slider changed the shape of the reflection as we turned the iPhone , using the gyro of the iPhone. Now, in the iOS 6 unlock screen, the same is also true when we double-click the Home button to display the playback controls.

Previously, it had flat buttons, now it includes the buttons of the new Music interface released in iOS 6, replacing the old ones, and also the volume slider button with an interactive reflection . But this changing reflection also extends to the separation bezel between the buttons and the slider, making the change in the incidence of light on the virtual glass visible.

Another improvement is the alignment of the disk cover , which in the iPhone 5 was off-center, showing a black bar that was wasting space on the new screen, an error that was inherited by using the old iPhone layout. Under the unlock bar there was a strange reflection.

Now that reflection has been removed, and although the album cover comes out in the same place, the black space above is now used to offer more information about the artist, such as the name of the artist and the album, whereas before we only saw the title of the song.

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