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What happens if Oceans’s goes to Orange?

Ocean’s usará cobertura móvil de Orange, ¿cómo afecta el cambio a sus clientes?

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What happens if Oceans’s goes to Orange?
What happens if Oceans’s goes to Orange?

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It was recently announced that the mobile virtual network operator Ocean’s was going to leave its collaboration with Movistar to use the coverage of Orange . At first this does not pose any apparent problem, but customer doubts are inevitable. Our colleagues at Xombit have made a compilation of the most frequent doubts that Ocean’s Network S.L. customers may have due to the change.

At the internal level of the company the change is brutal, however, for the company’s clients the changes are minimal and for some even insignificant . Probably where this change is most noticeable is in coverage, as the Movistar network has the greatest coverage in the country, but this does not mean that Orange’s coverage is bad. In its favor, customers will already be able to use the LTE system, since Orange allows this type of connection, ideal for all those who have an iPhone compatible with 4G.

All these changes, and any doubts that may arise are correctly explained in Xombit’s article on the subject, so if you are an Ocean’s customer and you are worried about the future this change of coverage don’t hesitate to take a look.


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