What happened to the iPhone 9? Rumorsphere

Nuevo iPhone X, este el iPhone que todos estábamos esperando

This week we finally met the new iPhone 8 and of course the long-awaited iPhone X, which although it confirmed most of the rumors, surprised us with its design and qualities as Face ID. However, what we were not clear about was the pronunciation of the new iPhone, and to our surprise, Apple referred to it as “iPhone ten”, as it is designed to mark 10 years of the device . At this point it is normal that the question arises, where did the iPhone 9 go?

What happened to the iPhone 9? Rumorsphere
What happened to the iPhone 9? Rumorsphere

The iPhone 8 is actually the rumored iPhone 7s, but what could have happened according to The Verge, is that Apple could not go on the opposite side of the competition, which this year launched the S8 and Note 8, so naming their new iPhone 7s and 7s Plus didn’t make much sense to them.

However, the absence of the iPhone 9 could be the end point to the numbering , so that next year Apple will make the decision to follow the path of the iPad and name its devices simply iPhone and iPhone Plus. It would be a bit odd if Cupertino’s signature was returned next year and introduced the absent iPhone 9, so this last theory would make more sense.

For its part, The Verge recalled that Microsoft already did a similar trick by naming Windows 10. The software giant omitted Windows 9 mainly to encourage Windows 7 users to upgrade , this was a marketing trick that helped promote free upgrades.

Apple’s trick, to a certain extent, is to start thinking about what the name of the next iPhone will be . Would we see an iPhone 8S, an iPhone 9, or an iPhone XS? Rumors will not take long to give us a couple of clues, although it would be a bit strange to find an iPhone 9 considering that, even if it is an anniversary version, there is already a phone with a higher number available in the market.

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