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What happened this Tuesday and what I think will happen from now on

We’ve all been waiting for this year’s Macworld Expo Keynote for a long time. Rumours had it that at this event Apple would finally revamp Mac mini and apply some updates to iMac and Mac Pro. However, all the rumors have failed and against most expectations Schiller’s presentation focused on renewing the software .

So, taking into account what my colleague Pedro Aznar commented this morning, the last Macworld Keynote, presented by anyone, has been for most a disappointment due in part to the expectations created by all the rumorology.

What happened this Tuesday and what I think will happen from now on
What happened this Tuesday and what I think will happen from now on

Let’s go back a year. If you remember, in the Macworld Keynote 2008 Steve Jobs noted to the audience that since the beginning of 2008, there have been new developments every week. ” It’s only been two weeks and we’ve got a new Mac Pro, a software update for the iPhone, Time Capsule, and MacBook Air. All that in two weeks, and there are 50 weeks left in 2008 “, Jobs told us at the time.

After hearing this, what many people understood is that a 2008 full of updates was waiting for us, if not every Tuesday quite often. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that . At WWDC the iPhone 3G appeared, in September we had the new iPods and in October the new laptops, with the sporadic software updates.

That said, let’s get back to the present. For this presentation, we had quite revealing evidence and traces about the new products . Hidden traces in Mac OS X properties confirming Mac Minis and Mac Pros, new iMacs, several sources of rumors coinciding at the same time, cases of a hypothetical iPhone Nano… everything seemed to indicate that in the Keynote there would be no surprises .

But there have been… by the absence of all these products that seemed to be around the corner. But Apple’s recent exit from Macworld made us deduce that perhaps Apple no longer needed to hold presentations of its products because the company has grown exponentially in recent years.

And in view of this and the evidence of the rumors, I personally infer that perhaps Apple will decide to launch these products that we are so looking forward to on any given Tuesday, without any kind of presentation , closing the Apple Store and reopening it a few minutes later. In conclusion, I think we won’t have to wait for the WWDC Keynote to see new products and services. I personally bet on launches without presentations and I hope that, given the leaks, will not be too late .

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