What great change can it be to keep WWDC sessions secret? The question of the week

We are just a few days away from WWDC 2014, and this year I have a special interest in the event not because of rumors of new devices or software but because of the large increase in classes with confidential names this year. Usually they are always there, but this time there are many more than usual. And this means that a very big change may be in the making.

And what change can this be? Well, from the rumors of a transition to ARM from Intel on the Mac, through the App Store for a wearable device and the arrival of a new platform for “the smart house” as Pedro Santamaria just told us. Because for sure all this can come sooner or later, but in the kaynote there is no time to see all this. Let’s see what you think:

What great change can it be to keep WWDC sessions secret? The question of the week
What great change can it be to keep WWDC sessions secret? The question of the week

Eduardo Achanco asked us last week about what the iPad needs to keep growing . The most voted answer was that of our reader populus , which makes quite a few arguments:

In addition to what Macnaxito (a multi-user system based on Touch ID) points out, I would say that what the iPad needs right now is to find new market niches (to continue growing in the professional sector?), or to make a good part of the existing iPads disappear from the market. I personally believe that one of the problems that is preventing the growth in sales of the iPad is the huge installed base, and that whoever wanted an iPad, simply has it already.

We were few and far between, waiting year after year for a lightweight and comfortable iPad to launch our purchase. And now that it’s on sale, few innovations could make us renew our device.

And anyone who owns an iPad 2, unless they’re glued to a high-resolution screen like the one on the iPad 4, is not going to renew their device, which remains fully functional, especially for the tasks most commonly performed on a home iPad.

Then there are those who were waiting to be able to buy an inexpensive iPad. Well, with the iPad mini at £289 I think another niche has been filled.

Regretting it very much as an Apple user, I admit that, sitting in the entrepreneur’s chair, only the obsolescence of old models will increase the sales of new iPads. And that can only be achieved in a stylish way with new features available only on new devices. And one of those highly demanded features could be the multi-user system based on a Touch ID only available, hopefully, on the next iPad.

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