What does the WWDC 2013 logo show us?

WWDC 2013 was announced this very morning, and the logo used for the invitation has left locals and visitors alike surprised. In this article, we look at each part of the graphic, such as the colors, shapes and typography, and what they might mean for the new features Apple will introduce in the presentation or as future plans.

The new logo chosen for this year’s WWDC has left no one indifferent. Of course, it completely abandons the aesthetics that Apple had surprised us with in their event invitations. These, usually give us clues as to what we can see in the presentation , and the logo chosen for WWDC tells us much more than a simple conference in San Francisco focused on iPhone applications , which is what we were getting used to in the last few years.

What does the WWDC 2013 logo show us?
What does the WWDC 2013 logo show us?

Apple needs to surprise, they need to break the market again to become the absolute kings again. And after yesterday’s statements by Tim Cook about what is to come, the logo chosen for WWDC 2013 is a declaration of intent that this year there will be many changes in Cupertino’s company.

Last year we had a series of squares that reminded us of pixels, and the star of the presentation was the MacBook Pro with a Retina display. This year, we see lots of squares laid out on top of each other, in many different colours . On the front, we have the title WWDC and in the form of a reflection the year 2013 written in Roman numerals, taking advantage of the fact that the inverted WW become MM.

Here are the possible meanings of the logo:

Rounded squares

  • They could be the form of new icons, even a new feature of iOS 7.
  • If we interpret it literally, we could think that Apple wants to bring the Dock Stacks we have among us from Leopard to iOS.
  • If we are a little more open-minded, the transparency of the icons could even indicate that the applications will finally interact with each other, expanding the concept of sandboxing.

Coloured icons

  • We could see a new design of the icons to move to have much simpler and less detailed icons, as it happens with Windows Phone 8, leaving aside the skeumorphic icons that Apple created until now. Here we could see the hand of Jony Ive.
  • These colors could also point to the multi-colored iPhone that has been rumored for so long.


  • Apple has decided to use a radically different typeface this year, leaving the classic Myriad Pro that it has been using for a long time in its posters.
  • This could mean that Apple is going to adopt a new, sleeker, more modern design in iOS.
  • The idea of mirroring could mean that we would see improvements on a second screen, improving the double monitor features in OS X, which are missing, or greatly improve AirPlay, further improving the way all the company’s devices communicate.

And you, can you come up with more ideas by shredding the logo of the invitation?

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