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What does Apple offer to add to its new TV service? … audience data

Apple ya prepara su nuevo servicio de TV online con suscripción mensual, según WSJ

Just a few hours after the rumor of Apple’s alleged new television service, it has fallen like a bomb among the networks in the United States who have not benefited from the news since most are losing an average of 1% of their value on the stock market, for fear that Apple will end its empire.

What does Apple offer to add to its new TV service? … audience dataWhat does Apple offer to add to its new TV service? … audience data

But in addition to this, new information is emerging from this television service thanks to information that the New York Post has gained access to, which mentions that Apple is negotiating with the networks in exchange for providing information and data on the entire audience that makes use of the service.

According to the information, within the negotiations that Apple is doing with the different TV channels and production companies, there is the offer all the information of the viewers , like data of the age, sex, what they watch and at what time, which programs are successful and which are not, in short, everything about those who are in front of the TV or device watching some program, movie or series. Why? easy, to put advertising in a more precise and efficient way according to that audience.

Without a doubt, this is a very delicate issue, since this information and data is practically worth gold , which is why services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon have always refused to offer data on their audience and rating of their programs, to prevent them from being used as a means of advertising and their subscribers from becoming the product.

Of course we have to take this information with caution and as what it is, a rumor, since these privacy issues have been very present in the last months and Tim Cook has always been very clear in every opportunity he has to talk about the subject:

We will have to follow closely all the information that is emerging around this supposed television service and everything behind it, which points to its announcement during the next WWDC with a launch for the month of September.

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