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What could be an iPhone 8 screen saver is leaked

As we’ve been saying in Apple 5×1, leaks or supposed leaks of iPhone 8 will become more and more common as the date of presentation of the iPhone approaches.

Today, and again with the help of some publications by Benjamin Geskin , we bring you some photos of what could be a screen saver for the future iPhone of the tenth anniversary that Apple would present in September.

iPhone 8 frames are being confirmed

What could be an iPhone 8 screen saver is leaked
What could be an iPhone 8 screen saver is leaked

If the double vertical camera on the back has been confirmed by various rumours, the same thing happens with the front of iPhone 8. Once again, we have seen a double front camera and some very thin edges that would make almost the entire front screen.

Possible iPhone 8 Screen Saver

Realistically, even the most fanboy like me, we must admit that when Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, released its Galaxy S8 this year we were amazed by its incredible design in which the frames almost completely disappeared. The S7 and S6 already came with no frames on the side edges due to the curve of their screens. While the iPhone has continued to have excessive edges at the bottom, top and sides. It seems that with the iPhone 8 these would decrease very considerably and could now compete in that section with Samsung mobiles.

Another thing we can deduce from these images is that, as we count in Apple 5×1, the status bar would renew itself by occupying the top of the phone and merging with the phone’s frames.

Double front chamber and strange sensors

Possible iPhone 8 Screen Saver

Several theories can be drawn from the double front camera that seems to integrate the new terminal of Cupertino’s. The quality of our selfies and our so called FaceTime seems to improve considerably , but… Is there anything else? The truth is that Apple could be working in a face unlocking mode in which, in addition to this double camera, there would be those sensors that we also appreciate on the top of the phone.

Although knowing Apple and their great gift for surprising us, it wouldn’t be surprising if these sensors brought some totally new function never seen before.

When will this phone be introduced?

The latest generations of iPhone are being presented in a special Keynote in September. After that, a few weeks later, the terminals start to be marketed (although not in all countries at the same time). If we look at this Apple trend we can almost confirm that the presentation will be this year also in September.

Everything points to the fact that in the presentation we will also see the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus , the generation that should really be launched this year. What most of us call iPhone 8, would be a special 10th anniversary edition and that’s why the name doesn’t seem to be safe. Maybe the iPhone 8 could come out in 2018 and the tenth anniversary one could take another name like iPhone X, iPhone Edition as some rumors point out. Another name that has been said in some forums is the iPhone SJ (Steve Jobs), in honor of the former co-founder and CEO of Apple and the main driver of the first iPhone introduced in 2007. Personally, I don’t think the latter will end up being real, but it would be curious as well as a nice gesture from Apple towards Jobs.

What do you think of these new images? What else do you think we’ll see on the next iPhone? We encourage you to leave your impressions in the comments.