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What could Apple do with the $13 billion the EU is asking for?

¿Tiene Apple problemas legales con la forma de pagar sus impuestos?

Yesterday we woke up to Apple’s legal problems with the European Union. According to one of their commissions, Cupertino’s company had received special treatment to pay less tax in Ireland. This is something that Tim Cook took it upon himself to deny with a letter that we have shredded. Although this affair threatens to tarnish Apple’s brand image in Europe, we now ask ourselves what Apple could do with that 13 billion euros (apart from paying the back taxes if it is found guilty).

What could Apple do with the $13 billion the EU is asking for?
What could Apple do with the $13 billion the EU is asking for?

13 billion is a very significant amount, which translated into the US currency at its current exchange rate is equivalent to almost $14.5 billion. This is what Apple could do with all these millions (at current exchange rate and without adjusting for inflation):

  • Almost five Beat companies. In May 2014, Apple surprised the world with its largest acquisition to date. Cupertino’s company took over Dr. Dre’s company for $3 billion.
  • 14.5 Instagrams. Everyone thought it was crazy at the time, but the $1 billion price Facebook paid for Instagram in 2012 now seems like a real bargain.
  • 80% of WhatsApp. It sounds like a lie, but the messaging service cost Facebook a whopping $16 billion by 2014.
  • Buy 40 times Authentec, the company behind the Touch ID technology
  • Or repeat the acquisition of Siri 70 times, given its price of “only” 200 million.
  • 6.2% of Ireland’s GDP. Ireland is a small country with a small population, but this amount does not do much.
  • The $14.5 billion also represents 6.2% of Apple’s cash reserves, currently $231.5 billion, the same as Ireland’s GDP. Perhaps Apple should buy the country, get it out of the Union à la Brexit and get out of tax trouble with Brussels.
  • Pay twice the tax bill of Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft for the last reported fiscal year for each company ($4.4 billion and $2.9 billion respectively).
  • Buy more than 15 million iPhone 6s Plus 128GB capacity.
  • Or 10 million 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 256GB, cellular connection, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

These are some examples of what Apple could do with such a sum of money. What would you do with so many millions?

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