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What can be presented at WWDC, according to Miguel López

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Now that the WWDC Keynote is close and the main international media have already bombarded us (excessively, for my taste) with millions of rumors and news about what Steve Jobs can present on the 9th, the only thing left to predict is our opinion , without the influence of any spy photography or any last minute rumors.

What can be presented at WWDC, according to Miguel López
What can be presented at WWDC, according to Miguel López

Like the rest of Keynotes, this WWDC is preceded by a flood of possible renewals, although this one in particular has been marked, since the very launch of the first generation iPhone, by its successor, the iPhone 3G or second generation .

As for the design of the above-mentioned phone, I think it will be exactly the same as its predecessor , despite all the rumours that claim changes. What will change about the iPhone will be its insides , and in any case if there is any redesign, it will be very light. I don’t think the phone is going to be thicker either, since Apple has never ‘fattened up’ a gadget no matter how necessary it seems.

My personal predictions are that WWDC will be the real starting point of the iPhone for the whole world , as I said in an article a few weeks ago. This implies, besides the launch of a more consolidated iPhone, the start of a whole range of services for the phone . That is, I bet with the renewal of the .Mac service to make it compatible with the iPhone (look at all the rumors surrounding the mysterious acquisition of the domain by Apple), and the possibility that a group of companies present some applications that will be real catapults to the iPhone boom, finally, to be equated to the iPod.

And even if we have a keynote completely centered on the iPhone, I think we could have some one more thing with the renewal of some product . Perhaps the MacBook, or the MacBook Pro, to consolidate the new look of the Apple laptop range, or with a bit of luck they will take pity on the Mac mini or the Cinema Displays.

Finally, one thing I would also like to point out is that I bet that many of us will be disappointed . As always, too much speculation has been generated around the launch of a new product, and we will see how a slightly renewed iPhone will simply be launched, instead of the second coming of Jesus Christ as many people expect… we have to keep in mind that the WWDC is a software developers’ conference, not a place to launch new products and services . Be that as it may, and if the phone ends up going out in a week, I think this year’s WWDC will be the starting point for the real iPhone boom, which will generate a lot of news all over the world and (finally) its official launch in Spain.


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