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What Apple’s new Lost and Found accessory will look like

In February, we echoed an Apple patent describing a system that would allow us to find lost items through our iPhone or iPad. Generally, companies like Apple register dozens of patents a year, not all of which end up seeing the light either because of the difficulty of developing what is described or for other reasons. This is not the case of the patent we mentioned, because according to reports from 9to5Mac, iOS 13 has information in its code regarding the object search system. More details are given below.

The information found in iOS 13 details how the revamped application “Find Me” could be key to the operation of the new Apple accessory described by the reference “Tag 1.1” . The final goal of everything would be to connect the objects we want with a kind of tag that would allow us to know the location of it .

What Apple’s new Lost and Found accessory will look likeWhat Apple’s new Lost and Found accessory will look like

We do not have much additional information about this accessory or its exact functioning. We don’t even know if you can connect any kind of object such as house keys or even our socks, which are very prone to get lost at home and appear anywhere but where you expected to find them.

In recent times Apple has been blamed for the lack of innovation with respect to the competition and for what we were used to years ago when it was said that the iPhone was 4 years ahead of the competition. Beyond assessing these issues, the truth is that an accessory like this could be innovative because of the tremendous utility it provides .

This wouldn’t be a life-changing accessory like others like the iPod or iPhone, but it is one of those little things that we can be very grateful for in our daily lives. Imagine being able to connect everyday objects and know where they are at all times . It even occurs to me that we could somehow connect our pets in order to quickly locate them if they get lost.

In any case it seems that, at least, we will have to wait until September to see this accessory officially presented. The fact that the information has already been found in iOS 13 makes us foresee that Cupertino’s company may have it ready and let us know in the keynote planned for that month and in which the new iPhone will be presented.

What do you think of this accessory? Do you think it will be useful to you? Leave your impressions in the comment box.