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What Apple says about the iCloud calendar spam problem

Some Apple users have been plagued by iCloud calendar invitation spam in recent weeks, with periods blocked on the calendar for unsolicited events from anonymous senders. Spammers are believed to be massively attacking any iCloud email account they can find on the web, rather than targeting specific users.

Apple has now acknowledged the issue in a statement to iMore, beginning with an apology to anyone who received calendar spam from iCloud. The company says it is actively “identifying and blocking suspicious senders” to try to stop the arrival of the spam.

What Apple says about the iCloud calendar spam problemWhat Apple says about the iCloud calendar spam problem

The iCloud Calendar email has been a long-standing problem, but it peaked in recent weeks with a new wave of spammers exploiting the Christmas shopping season.

Before the annoying situation the recipients of the spam invitations are left in a confused situation, because there is no clear solution to the problem. For now they can only reject the invitations, which will remove the event from their calendar, but will not prevent spammers from sending more invitations in the future and alert the sender that the email address is active and consequently increase the number of mailings.

Calendar in iOS and Mac currently lacks any way to block these invitations. Although there are methods to stop spamming, there is still no definitive solution on “how to fix iCloud calendar email”.

Perhaps in a future version of the software, Apple will add a function to limit the scope of people who can invite to an account. Until something like this comes along, the simplest option is to ignore spam events. It’s basically harmless, as long as you don’t click on the links in the messages.

As mentioned in the statement, Apple is attacking the problem from the server side. It is employing spam detection techniques to prevent invitations from going out in the first place. And as also announced they will continue to work on a definitive solution.