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What Apple says about standardising chargers in the EU

A few days ago we were talking about how the European Union could speed up Apple’s transition to the USB-C connector on its iPhones and the company has already responded to this idea. The answer is not that it is too good but we must remember that this is a measure that still has a long legislative process and can stay on the road perfectly.

As we said earlier, a group of MEPs proposed earlier this week to impose universal charger standardisation for all mobile devices. This means that all brands should adopt a single charger and a single charging connection which would be the USB-C . This obviously directly affects Apple which is continuing with a proprietary Lighting connection.

What Apple says about standardising chargers in the EU
What Apple says about standardising chargers in the EU

Cupertino’s company has responded to this claim through the Financial Times, claiming that this regulation would stifle the innovation that companies can make on their devices. If this regulation ends up being applied in the EU, Apple would be forced to remove the Lightning port and this will create an uncomfortable situation for users. They also claim that a large amount of electronic waste could be generated because the company’s customers would be forced to dispose of their Lighting-connected accessories.

The group that has proposed this measure in the EU suggests that the company could include an adapter in the box of Lighting to USB-C equipment . This is obviously not at all convenient for the user, since we would have to have the memory to always take an extra adapter to recharge our iPhone, for example.

The truth is that we don’t understand why Apple hasn’t implemented the USB-C connection on its iPhones. We’ve seen how the latest iPads already feature this type of connection, which is much more versatile when it comes to using accessories. Also in computers, where it is a connector that also avoids problems that generate in having to assume the price of repairing the battery of a MacBook. There are some voices that point out, as we have already mentioned in The Bitten Apple, that Apple would be working on an iPhone that does not have any kind of physical connection . That is to say, that it is not necessary to connect any cable to perform the recharge or a data transfer. In the end we would have a mobile phone without any kind of ports and this is an idea that calls our attention.

Obviously there are some problems to be solved like wireless charging which must be much more efficient. Users would be forced to have a charging base in their homes to do the charging which is actually not a bad idea in terms of improving battery life.

We must wait to see what the end of this simple proposal is in the EU, even though the statement made by Apple calls on the EC to continue to seek a solution but one that does not restrict the industry’s ability to innovate. It is in this ‘innovation’ that we hide behind the idea that they would be following the path of having a totally wireless device.

And you, are you in favor of standardizing the loading of the iPhone?