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what an iPhone case and a samurai sword have in common

I’ve already shared since Applesupportphonenumber lists of the best cases for iPhone 7. The models always vary in type of material, resistance, design and clearly in price. However, rarely a model manages to exceed 70 euros, which already seems a bit high.

This time I was very impressed by a model of case for iPhone 7, precisely because of its price, of no more and no less than $349 called Katana. I decided to share its features and invite you to share your opinions about its design…

what an iPhone case and a samurai sword have in common
what an iPhone case and a samurai sword have in common

It is a case produced by the company Element Case , known for the manufacture of luxury accessories, whose design is clearly expected to justify its value. Knowing the origin of the name with which this case was baptized, we can get an idea of what characterizes it. Katana is the name given to the swords of the Sumaris forged in steel, the same material used to make these covers resistant to falls and other events that could jeopardize the appearance of our iPhone.

Each of the unique covers is made by treating a solid block of stainless steel that takes five hours to carve on a CNC machine. However, Katana underestimates the brilliance of its steel. Because uses hand-polished hardwood paneling as the back cover. It also has leather edges that provide a slip-free feel in the hand.

The interior shock absorber and suspension system of Katana meet military drop test specifications, so given everything that goes into this case, it’s like having a real samurai protecting the iPhone.

Due to the way the Katana is manufactured, the company only produces a limited number of this product, of which, despite what one might think, it sells a good quantity, of which for some it would be a useful accessory and for others a mere whim…

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