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What advice would you give to Apple’s management for 2016? Question of the Week

We are starting a new year, and as we saw in our past Rumorsfera it is time to get organized and get an outline of what can happen this year globally. But beyond the rumors there is always what we believe Apple should do. And in our first weekly question of 2016 we want to hear what you would do in a peculiar way:

Last week Pedro Santamaría asked us (even though it’s April Fool’s Day) what we consider to be the best and worst thing about Apple during 2015. The most voted answer was applefan13 :

What advice would you give to Apple’s management for 2016? Question of the Week
What advice would you give to Apple’s management for 2016? Question of the Week

Allow me also to highlight the second most voted answer, by David Prats Juan , since the development he has made deserves it:

Well… overall I think it’s been a pretty bad year, I hope 2016 will be better.

In software, The Captain has disappointed many people. iOS 9 has left a better taste in the mouth, but I expected something even more polished after so much beta. Watch OS in version 2 improved the first one substantially, but it’s still a little green. Apple Music seems to have had some success, some people adopted it and others didn’t think it was enough, I personally haven’t tried it yet. TV OS seems to have made an important leap, but as I’ve never tried an Apple TV in my life I can’t comment on my own experience. iCloud I think has remained practically the same and I still hope to get more out of it. The suite that includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote has definitely lagged behind Office. And I only hope that other more professional applications, like Final Cut or Logic Pro X (my most important work tool), will keep developing for many years and not force me to move to the competition…

In hardware, I think they have brought out devices with interesting new features, but they are not products for everyone or for large masses, but rather for particular sections of people and relatively nothing extraordinary or revolutionary. The Apple Watch boom is perhaps the most novel, but many of us think that version 2 will be the one that really marks the way forward when it appears, with more independence from the iPhone, more sensors, more battery, etc. Still, it’s not a device for everyone (I like it and I use it every day, but because I have some specific needs, many other people wouldn’t need it). We have also seen a very, very thin Macbook without ports, a very, very big iPad but with the iOS that we already know, a renewed Apple TV that is for those who use the Apple TV (I’m not included either)… In general, nothing that has made me want it so badly. And as for accessories, I’ve really noticed a very worrying drop in the design that I had always praised so much about Apple: the way the Apple Pencil or the new Magic Mouse are charged seems to me to be unwise and of course, the Smart Battery Case, I think it’s the most horrible thing I’ve seen Apple design.

The low capacity of the basic version of all devices (from the iPhone, which continues to have 16GB, to the MacBook or iMac with only a few GB of SSD on the Fusion Drive), as well as the exaggerated overpricing of the higher capacity models, continue to make me think about upgrading my devices (I continue to have a 2007 MacBook Pro and a 2010 iMac). The Apple Watch fell out of curiosity (and because I took advantage of the fact that I needed a watch) and although I like it and am very satisfied with it, I think that the Apple Watch 2 will be an even more important step and a much more mature product.

The iPad Pro may also fall soon, but more because it needs to be renewed (the iPad 2 I’ve been using has been dragging on for years) than because it has impressed me. Personally, such a big screen is true that it will suit me very well for what I use mine, and in fact I’ve been waiting for a little bigger screen for a long time, but the price is exaggerated and I don’t think it’s revolutionary, at least not for my use.

I agree that the best thing is, with a view to the future, Force Touch 3D Touch for what it can be, a new technology that I think will be very useful in future iPhones, iPads or even the next Apple Watch, but it’s a pity that for now only iPhone 6S includes it. As for everything else, I think that in general Apple’s year can be improved a lot, the most negative aspect for the user is the same in almost all the product range: the price-capacity ratio.

Remember that to answer our question of the week you must go to our corresponding section of Apple Answers, as the comments in this article will be closed in order to focus the debate in one place. Next week we will highlight the most voted answer and ask you a new question, thank you all very much for participating and see you next week!

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