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what advantages it brings and what it is capable of doing

iMac Pro

Although it may cost more than $15,000, every euro invested is more than justified. But if there is anything else about this Mac that we should take into account is of course its T2 chip . It is not the first time that a Mac comes with a T-chip, but it is the first time that it has been so useful.

what advantages it brings and what it is capable of doing
what advantages it brings and what it is capable of doing

In the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple engineers decided to incorporate a T1 chip, this small component performed different tasks of the computer to subtract work from the processor, all under an own operating system called eOS . For example, it is in charge of the Apple Pay payments or managing the security issues of the Touch ID in the Touch Bar. The iMac Pro does not have a Touch Bar, but it does have a T2 chip.

The T2 chip works independently from the rest of the system, this means that it provides an extra level of security, since it works as a barrier to the entry of unwanted information into the main system. But it also performs functions such as the following:

  • Controls the management of the system: The system cannot be accessed without going through T2 nor does it allow a system to be installed that is not verified by Apple.
  • Processes the image signal: Greatly improves the quality of FaceTime HD camera with exposure control, tone mapping, face detection based auto exposure, white balance …
  • Controls SSD encryption: You can encrypt the storage on the SSD without affecting the computer’s performance in the meantime.
  • Controls the secure enclave: All private data on the computer passes through the secure enclave, so you cannot access this information without being verified, just as on the iPhone everything passes through the Touch ID or Face ID.

How will this reflect on the user? Basically, an iMac Pro user will notice that the computer does much more with less effort. Because for dedicated and concrete tasks it will be the T2 chip that will work and not the main processor. Possibly where you will see this reflected most is in the encryption of data in the SSD. On your Mac today you can also encrypt data from System Preferences> Security & Privacy> FireVault, and although it’s hardly noticeable in performance, the CPU effort is actually greater when creating and managing files.

At the moment Apple has decided to put a dedicated chip in the Mac Pro models , so it’s not clear if we’ll see them in a normal iMac or in a normal MacBook at some point. What is clear is that the Mac Pro they’re preparing for 2018 should come with a dedicated T2. Will there ever come a time when Macs have multiple dedicated chips to improve performance? It’s a matter of time.

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