Western Digital SmartWare, good recovery software for Mac.

When I was talking about the new Western Digital 1TB Mac drive last week, I was looking for a portable external hard drive with no additional power for personal use. Until then, almost all of my external hard drives were LaCie, I hadn’t had any problems with them, and I loved their design.

Western Digital SmartWare, good recovery software for Mac.
Western Digital SmartWare, good recovery software for Mac.

As I didn’t need so much disk space, I was looking for a very manageable disk, I opted for the 320 GB My Passport as its features were perfect for what I was looking for.

But what I couldn’t imagine was the software that included the hard drive , which is proprietary and fully compatible with Mac. If you’re trying to escape the tyranny that the Time Machine for a MacBook can create, you need to connect it to your network (or hard drive) to make regular copies. SmartWare can be an ideal option because it’s so fast and simple.

The program, as usual, is included inside each Western Digital unit, in the Virtual CD partition that they use in it. After installing it, it allows us to configure the password for protecting the external disk, which will ask us each time we connect the unit to a Mac, obviously we will be able to enter a password or not.

Before starting to use the disk as a data backup (if we have that function intended for it) it is convenient to install the WD+Turbo . This small program makes a series of changes to the system and to the drive’s own firmware that raise the transfer rate to the drive, it is noticeable and a lot.

The program WD SmartWare itself has four tabs that allow us to configure the unit to our liking. You can define which system folders you want to copy, but from the beginning, without modifying anything, it will only make one copy of the most important ones on a Mac. User folders, music, photos, movies, emails, of all of them will make a copy by default (unless we tell him not to).

Although Time Machine is the simplicity brought to backup, this Western Digital program is perfect for backing up my MacBook. I find it tedious to have to connect my Mac to my home network, mount the hard drive connected to the Airport and tell it to start backing up, with this software I find it much faster and more convenient (for this particular case) .

It also offers more configuration options than the Time Machine itself, as we can set the number of copies and when we want them done . For example, we can set the unit to make the copies when the MacBook goes to sleep. If we plan to make copies while using our Mac, we can lower the transfer speed, making sure that the backups don’t slow down the system.

It’s funny how, unlike most people, these solutions are so well thought out and fully compatible with our Mac. It is these small details that lead to brand loyalty and have at least led me to change my options (as far as external hard drives are concerned).

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