WeRide, a perfect application to complement your hobby, if you are a biker

WeRide: motocicletas, rutas y amigos en la App Store

This is what the world of apps has in the App Store, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, and at the very least you are looking for a little bit it is easy to find an app that more or less manages to supply what you need. If you’re a biker like me you’re in luck, the WeRide application will be a delight for your hobby and it’s sure to become one of the most important applications on your iPhone.

WeRide, a perfect application to complement your hobby, if you are a biker
WeRide, a perfect application to complement your hobby, if you are a biker

WeRide is an application created exclusively by and for bikers . You can see this from the very moment you enter it. No matter what type of riding you like to do or what style of bike you like to have, WeRide will adapt to all of this. We will have two clear functionalities in this application, one social and one pure entertainment .

The social part is mainly that it will be necessary to create a profile with all our (motorcyclist) data so the other users of the application must have done the same, this way we can look for people within the application itself with similar tastes to ours . Remember here that we can briefly define the bike we have and the type of routes we are interested in. This way we can search and find like-minded users, allowing us to contact them, chat and enter groups .

The other part of the application is based on what every good biker is always looking for, discovering new routes to ride on . WeRide is the perfect application for this, we can look for routes created by other users or create our own to share with others . What’s interesting about this is that it has maps embedded in the application that will allow us to create routes by adding markers to share them later.

We can also perform searches that allow us to find routes that we didn’t know about . Delimit if we want to drive on the road, trail or off-road. Search by country or province, define the minimum and maximum number of kilometres you want to drive. With all this data the application will search for us and show us routes entered by other users of the application. The best of all is that this application is totally free, so if you are a biker and do not have it you should already be downloading it.

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