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we’ll see a preview of the iOS version next week

Microsoft has just announced on its security blog its intention to bring Defender to mobile platforms to fight spyware . On a date yet to be determined, the company will launch an app for both iOS and Android. Next week we’ll see more details in a software preview at the RSA Conference.

This is how the company introduces its goals for the Apple platform. The Redmond firm does not specify how it intends to offer protection to iOS and iPadOS users , given the nature of both operating systems. As indicated in MacRumors, apps offering services that define themselves as antivirus, focus on identity theft protection, phishing , blocking websites and phones from spam, and a VPN.

we’ll see a preview of the iOS version next week
we’ll see a preview of the iOS version next week

The reality is that iOS is a system sandboxed , a way to increase the security of a software. It isolates the processes from the apps that are running, preventing a bug or error from spreading to the rest of the system. It is not an infallible protection, but it has allowed, among other measures, that iOS enjoys a higher level of security than other systems.

In AppleA police report points out that GrayKey has already managed to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro Max for the FBI

This is why it will be interesting to see how Microsoft implements its Defender for iOS . We’ll see more about this next week in the already mentioned conference. It is held in San Francisco from February 24th to 28th and brings together security experts from all over the world.

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