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We’ll pay more to change the battery in the new MacBook Pro with retinal display

We continue to read news that features the most complete MacBook Pro to date. We’re talking about the MacBook Pro with the retina display and the pricing Apple has made available for battery replacement. Until now, the price was around 130 euros with current computers, but with the new notebook it’s increased by up to 50%. The reasons for this are listed below.

If this morning Diego told us, in an interesting article , what the evolution of batteries in Apple products had been, now we have information that relates to them and our pockets. If the MacBook Pro with the Retina display was already priced remarkably well beyond its specifications, we’ve learned that the cost of replacing its battery can increase by as much as 50% over a current MacBook Pro.

We’ll pay more to change the battery in the new MacBook Pro with retinal display
We’ll pay more to change the battery in the new MacBook Pro with retinal display

We’d already read that the memory is now soldered to the computers , as is the case with the new MacBook Air, so it can’t be changed as easily as we’d like. In fact, the guys at iFixit took apart a MacBook Air and saw that you can’t upgrade your RAM, which can be a problem in the long run if you’ve bought a computer with too much RAM . This brings me back to the happy obsolescence, which I gave a small and personal impression when talking about the new MacBook Pro.

After this news, referring to the RAM, now comes the MacBook Pro with Retina screen and the process of changing the battery . If any MacBook Pro user wants to change the battery, they can do it themselves, as it is accessible by simply removing the bottom cover. And it’s not hard to find compatible batteries. However, in the new model and due to the chassis Unibody that they use in their construction, the change of their battery is more complicated , because it has been necessary to redesign it with very concrete measures. Therefore Apple increases the price of its change by 50% more than what it costs for laptops without Retina Display . If the price of changing a battery is now around 130 euros, in the new MacBook Pro with a retina display the result can be around 200 euros.

It seems that the fact that it is stuck to the chassis and that different components of the laptop have to be dismantled before it is removed, makes the change more complicated requiring more time to do it and increasing the man-hours. This, together with the fact that we can only mount official batteries, which make the price of the product very expensive, makes the obligatory change, when its use requires it, more expensive.

I suppose, however, that since it is a new product, compatible batteries will soon appear , and will gradually fall in price . And we must not forget that the number of charges that a current battery allows, is around 1000 cycles , a high amount, or at least I think so. In my case with a MacBook Pro of 2 years and something I take about 300 cycles of charge and still has a performance that more would like my Windows laptop and its battery with year and some life. And if not, always and with those prices, many will doubt if it is not more convenient to buy a new computer.

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