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“We’ll be in India for the next thousand years”: Tim Cook

Apple eleva la apuesta en India: abrirá un enorme centro de investigación en junio

Tim Cook has been travelling around India for several days now, and has recently taken the opportunity to make further statements to the country’s press after meeting with several developer groups and the senior executives of some operators. For Apple’s CEO, the company will be in India “for the next thousand years” . This is what he told the local media The Hindu, and that they have reflected from AppleInsider.

“We’ll be in India for the next thousand years”: Tim Cook“We’ll be in India for the next thousand years”: Tim Cook

Cook also said he is not worried about his performance in the Indian market, where he has had to make some cutbacks to push sales of his devices up from that tiny 2% usage share. But the executive has commented that “it is better to be the best than not the best sellers” .

This is what Cook said about his negotiations with the operators:

Tim has also said that he is still in talks with the Indian government to allow them to sell second-hand iPhones , which could represent a good source of income in the country. In fact one of the last things the CEO will do is to meet with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, where the subject will surely come up in the conversation.

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