“Welcome to Macintosh,” an interesting documentary that tastes

In mid-2007 we discovered the upcoming release of a new documentary about the Mac world : its name, “Welcome to Macintosh”, recalls the first words we would see on an original Macintosh at start-up.

The documentary is an independent production by Rob Baca and Josh Rizzo , without any direct connection to Apple. “Welcome to Macintosh” is basically a tour through the history of Apple as told by some of the people who were in the company or directly related to it.

“Welcome to Macintosh,” an interesting documentary that tastes
“Welcome to Macintosh,” an interesting documentary that tastes

The film features the participation of very representative people from the Mac world, such as Andy Hertzfeld ( one of the members of the original Macintosh development team ), Leander Kahney ( creator of the famous book “Cult of Mac” ) or Guy Kawasaki , who was one of the responsible for the first implementations of the Macintosh among the community of software developers.

The great presence in the documentary is, without a doubt, that of Ron Wayne … who many people forget when they talk about “the founders of Apple”, since he was the third one, although left the company soon , just before it started making profits, because he thought that Apple would not be profitable. Wayne was also the designer of the original Apple logo ( Newton’s with the apple ) and the person responsible for writing the instruction manual for the Apple I.

The documentary tells us, in just over an hour and twenty minutes , what was, is being and could be of a company marked by the economic ups and downs , which during the first stage of its trajectory, has coincided with the dismissal and subsequent reincorporation of Steve Jobs into the company.

“Welcome to Macintosh” is certainly a interesting documentary for all those who like Apple products. However, it is nothing more than a succession of interviews without any extra input, which gives us a certain feeling of monotony after a few minutes that we won’t get rid of until the end of the film.

And yet, the interviews are not his strong point: I have missed some more original questions to what ends up being a repertoire of topics and anecdotes that almost everyone knows. Only a few interesting moments are saved , like the narration of how the Mac sound was created, or some commentary on serious flaws in the early Macintosh sound system…

It’s also nice to find the occasional visit to one of the world’s biggest Mac collectors, a veritable madness of Apple machines scattered around the house that border on Diogenes Syndrome…

Another praiseworthy aspect of the documentary is that it has collected opinions for and against from the Apple world. The figure of “The Realist”, with his acidic humour and the alternative way of seeing what the company was ( from the inside ), gives “Welcome to Macintosh” an unconventional and relaxed air .

Welcome to Macintosh

“Welcome to Macintosh” is an interesting documentary that does not become indispensable because it lacks that “extra input” that a project of this size should have. Unfortunately, some important figures did not help much by not wanting to appear in the film, like Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniack, who later praised the work done by its creators.

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