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Webbla, a different visual bookmark manager

Webbla is a shareware application that is mainly a desktop manager for our favorites . The way the information is sorted and thumbnails are taken from the referenced websites makes it all very visual , very nice and always organized by folders and smart lists (like in iTunes).

In addition, with Webbla we can find out if a certain website has been updated with new content since the application itself indicates it, it has display in Coverflow mode and support for QuickLook and Spotlight . It also includes bookmarklets for dragging into browsers to include the pages you visit in your Webbla . Another way to organize your favorites is to add tags , which also allows you to make the application.

Webbla, a different visual bookmark managerWebbla, a different visual bookmark manager

As you can see, there is a correct desktop application to manage your bookmarks , which can be opened by any browser you have installed, which I also think is another remarkable aspect of the program. In the end, the license costs 12.34 euros , a bit expensive for what it offers but there will undoubtedly be people willing to take it after the trial period it offers. If it offered compatibility with the API, it would be a different matter, but future versions will include it and I think it is a very interesting improvement for this application.