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Weather HD makes an appearance in Mac OS X

The famous visual iOS weather forecast application makes its jump to Mac OS X via the Mac App Store

It is no mystery that iOS has brought about a huge revolution in mobile devices. The extensive possibilities that Apple offers us thanks to an exquisite programming environment and an app store with millions of active users, make that if you program apps for Apple’s mobile platform, your chances to make money are quite high.

Weather HD makes an appearance in Mac OS XWeather HD makes an appearance in Mac OS X

Apple has anticipated others in the development of an application store on iOS, and it has done so on Mac OS X as well. That’s why we’ve been using the Mac App Store for a few months now. The appearance of this store has meant the appearance of thousands of new applications that we would never have imagined seeing on this operating system before.

These are applications that were once on iOS and now on Mac OS X. Developers are not fools, and they know that if they can make a lot of money with their mobile application, they will do their best to port it to Mac . The excuse that there are more applications for Windows than for Apple computers is no longer valid. On top of that, there are now more applications on the Mac than on the Microsoft operating system, and with an infinitely higher quality and interface on the former than on the latter.

One more example of what I was telling you before is Weather HD, a payment application that was born in iOS to show us the weather in a very colorful and attractive way . Maybe in Apple’s mobile operating system it would have an acceptable utility, but is a paid application necessary to check time in Mac OS X when Apple gives us a fast and lightweight Dashboard Widget for free? Let’s see.

Weather HD is an application that is quite successful on iOS . On the Apple mobile platform, if we want to check the weather forecast we have to open the Weather application of the system itself. Therefore, if there is an application that makes it better and nicer, the “effectiveness” is maintained.

Now, in Mac OS X we have the weather forecast within reach of a key , accessing the Dashboard and above for free. If we want to check the weather forecast from Weather HD on our computer, we’ll have to pay 2.99 euros in advance and open a new application that takes away our available memory.

Weather HD for Mac lets you enjoy views that are as colorful and beautiful as they are in iOS, depending on the weather in each of the cities we’ve set up. It all happens under an HD display that will take your breath away if you see it in all its glory on an iMac from 27″.

In addition, we have at our disposal a panel that is housed in the system bar, where we can quickly access the information , but without visual frills.

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The application has nothing more to give, because its functionality is very simple . From here, I would like to give a tip to the developers: offer the application for free to those who already bought it in iOS. And you, think it’s worth paying 2.99 ? for an application that shows you the time in a nice way?