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We will be able to connect to Wi-Fi thanks to the QR code in iOS 11

As we saw before, with the new operating system or software update for our iPhone or iPad, iOS 11 , we can connect to our friend’s home Wi-Fi in a much more comfortable way, as this process basically involves trying to connect to the connection in question and when you try to access your friend, a notification will appear indicating that you want to enter and he will be able to give you permission without having to enter a password.

Apple seems to take its slongan very seriously, which says that the purpose of its products is to make our lives easier and simpler . This time, thanks to iOS 11, we can connect to a Wi-Fi simply by scanning the QR code on it with our iPhone. This will be a very useful tool for those family meetings or when we go to someone’s house for the first time, as we won’t have to enter any passwords at all.

We will be able to connect to Wi-Fi thanks to the QR code in iOS 11We will be able to connect to Wi-Fi thanks to the QR code in iOS 11

Cupertino’s company is usually a pioneer in many things, but in this case not, since its rival Android already added this feature along with the output of the Android O, which is still in beta, for iOS 11 to reach this stage we must wait, because Apple said in the WWDC that this phase would arrive on June and will be officially in September.

When using this application, our mobile phone will show us a notification that it has detected the Wi-Fi connection simply by scanning the QR code, when we press this notification we will automatically connect to the internet via this wireless connection. It should also be noted that not all routers have a built-in QR code sticker . On the other hand, if our device has such a sticker, but we have modified the password on some occasions, this tool will be useless, as you will not be able to access the Internet.

It’s this kind of thing that makes us wait a year for every WWDC to see what Apple has in store to blow our minds. It is true that in this case we will not be able to use this tool always, but in the occasions in which yes, it will be of great utility and it will accelerate very much the process that entails to connect us to a Wi-Fi network , also it will help all those that we are scarce of data in our tariff. It could be that when iOS 11 is officially released, we will have improvements in these aspects or simply new developments related to this kind of things. We are looking forward to the arrival of this software.

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